Dedication and Strict Quality Norms Resulted into No Local Competition: UEC

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Read the exclusive interview of Mr.Asloob Sabri, MD of Universal Engineering Corporation, Saharanpur.

  Mr.Asloob Sabri, MD, UEC

“Market Size of the Lab Instrumentation is Increasing by 12 to 13% per Annum” - Mr.Asloob Sabri, MD, UEC

Universal Engineering Corporation (UEC)” came into existence in a small way in 1970 and gradually developed into a strong team of designers, manufacturers and suppliers of “Precision Testing Instruments” mainly for testing the properties of Pulp, Paper and Paper Board for Paper, Conversion and Allied Industries. It grew its capabilities so tremendously that today it occupies the status of a globally recognized company for these instruments, both in Domestic and Export Market. Exclusively talking to “The Pulp and Paper Times” Mr.Asloob Sabri shares his future plans.. 

Q Universal Engineering Corporation is well recognized name in Lab instru- mentation, How do see your 5 decades journey?

Well, that’s true!! Today Universal Engineering Corporation (UEC) is a well recognized name in Lab instrumentation for pulp, paper & board industry not only in India but in the global market too. For this extreme success, I would like to thank the people behind the screen who had helped us a lot in transforming a small unit to a huge infrastructure. It now consists the man power of 150 diligent employees with whose efforts the production has gone upto 135 equipments. Since UEC's  beginning in 1970, It had been backed up by the most talented researchers & scientists associated with CPPRI & IPT- IITR Saharanpur, which is considered Asia’s biggest and among the most well known institutions for the pulp & paper applications. Under the guidance of these intellectuals, UEC had been able to develop the most advanced instruments here in India by implementing the latest cutting edge technology and by maintaining the precise ability as per international quality standards to suit the budget of every paper mill. Inevitably, all this makes us the pioneer manufacturer of such equipments. I think before these developments were made, Indian paper industry totally relied on scarcely available European instruments after paying huge costs, which resulted in enormous formalities and paying about 30% of import duties.  We are now proud to be a part of “Make in India” movement.

Q How many kind of lab and process instruments you manufacture? Except Paper Mills which other industry you serve?

Currently, UEC maintains to manufactures about 135 instruments under 6 categories of lab and process equipments. These different categories are divided into Pulp Testing Instruments, Paper Testing Instruments, Packaging Testing Instruments, Surface Coating & Prinatability Testing Equipments, Environmental Testing Equipments & Handmade Paper Machinery. Moreover, besides Paper mills, UEC manufactures equipments for Textile industry, Printing industry, Environmental analysis & Research Institutions and allied industries such as paper converters, carton manufacturers, laminates manufactures, BOPP & PET films manufacturers.  

Q Lab Instruments play an important role in quality paper production, Do Indian Lab instruments capable to deliver quality solution if we compare Indian Lab instruments with European Lab instruments. What are your views on increasing presence of Lab instrument suppliers in India?

Well, Undoubtedly, I would strongly agree on this view point. Indian originated lab equipments are capable to deliver same quality solutions with no boundations. As far as comparing us with other suppliers in India, I can confidently say that, although they can easily provide more economical equipments, they fail to maintain quality control standards as much as we do. An instrument's precision and life depends upon the quality of material and parts being used judiciously and not just on its outlook. Every equipment made by UEC not only looks superior in design & structure, but it also follows the strict parameters of maintaining the precise ability as per the international standards viz. TAPPI, ISO, SCAN, FEFCO, DIN, APPITA & ASTM. Our well experienced and skilled R&D team members works on the instruments according to these standards. It results in the transformation of a raw material into a master piece by adopting the latest cutting edge technology which is directly comparable with European instruments. Today, Universal Engineering Corporation is supplying its equipments in 45 countries and also. This is  considered to be the best privileged for UEC so far. 

Q What differentiation you see in Indian Lab Instruments versus European Lab Instruments? 

If we just say Indian lab instruments, then it also covers all those new manufacturers who exists in the market but doesn’t have any experience in Research & Development or do not have any good knowledge of instrumentation. Indian Lab equipments especially for paper industry are known in the world only because of Universal Engineering Corporation. So, if we talk about our range of equipments then I must say that our instruments are directly comparable from EU equipments. We have met all criteria for comparison between the two and have implemented the same because UEC has also implemented the same technology, advanced features and accurate results as of European ones the only difference that sets us apart is that their equipments are sold at almost 3 times higher prices than ours.

Q What are your expansion plans to counter the local competition? What is the worth of this expansion?

A as far as our position in concerned, Five decades of hard work , dedication and strict quality norms resulted into No Local Competition for UEC in Indian market. Our routine analysis and research on every test application leads us to develop new equipment every year which directly beats the local competition. Keeping with the pace of times and the day by day increasing high demand of our  lab quality control equipments in global market UEC is expanding its manufacturing facilities to boost the production rate which will facilitate our customers to order the most typical equipments on a short notice basis. Apart from the manufacturing facilities UEC is strictly concentrating on the advancement of the Research & development unit, we are expanding the research facilities which will be fully equipped with the latest 2017 technology. This will enable us to provide the latest and most advance equipment to the Indian paper industry.

Q What is market size of Lab instruments in India and In world and what market share you hold in India and International Market respectively ? And What yearly growth you see in Indian Market?

Well, the market size of lab instruments directly depends on the growth of the paper industry and its allied industries. India has a big market which consists of more than 300 paper mills including all industry sectors covering pulp, paper & board industries. UEC holds about 87% of the market in India and have installed more that 250 complete laboratories in the local market and 80 laboratories world wide.  We proud to announce that the top 15 paper mills in India are our existing customers since past many years. While Since last 5 years we have seen a tremendous growth in our business If we talk about our home country, then I would say that the Indian paper industry’s market size has been estimated @ Rs.321 billion which grew at a compound annual growth rate of 10.5% from Rs. 195 billion in 2003-04 to Rs. 321 billion in 2008-09. In 2009-10, the country produced 9.18 million tons of paper, growing at an average 6-7%. On average the market size of the lab instrumentation is increasing by 12 to 13% per annum.

Q What are your sales and marketing strategies to enhance your share in Global Market?

Our main focus is on strengthening after sales support. Further we are targeting to increase the UEC representatives worldwide which will provide prompt after sales services to our clients. We continuously participate in Pulp, Paper and allied industries shows worldwide since last 20 years and maintaining UEC branches in 15 countries.

Q What new you are planning to introduce that will be innovative and beneficial to the Pulp and Paper Industry? 

Our researcher are working out to develop UEC AUTOLINE which will facilitate our customer to buy only one equipment rather than buying 8 equipments. Apart from this We are developing Fibre Quality Analayzer & Kappa Number Analyzer.


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