Energy Efficient Solution is the Key to Profitability: Sulzer

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Read exclusive interview of Mr.Arvind Singh, Head Pump Sale of Sulzer India in india

"Energy Efficient Solution is the Key to Profitability"

Sulzer is a global partner offering reliable and sustainable solutions for performance-critical applications. The innovative solutions add value and strengthen the competitive position of its customers. Exclusively talking to “The Pulp and Paper Times” Mr. Arvind Singh shares Sulzer’s working strategy for Pulp and Paper Industry...

Q What kind of pumps, you have for Pulp and Paper Industry? In how many countries, Sulzer has manufacturing facilities and Sales networks.

With Sulzer's full-line product portfolio, we offer our customers the most eco-efficient pumping and mixing solutions, including also energy-efficient products for water and effluent treatment applications. Sulzer’s end suction single stage pump series has proven performance with stocks and especially with liquids containing a high amount of gas. Our MCE™ pumping system combines excellent performance with energy savings, while the ZPP and Z22 low pulse feed pumps are designed specifically for high- speed paper ma- chines. The MBN multistage pumps cover a range of high-pressure applications. SALOMIX® and Scaba agitators offer optimum mixing results, and our TMS tower management system prevents channeling in storage towers providing unique process advantages. For effluent treatment Sulzer provides, in addition to the AHLSTAR process pumps range, a complete range of submersible pumps type ABS XFP, mixers type ABS XRW and XSB, aerators type ABS OKI and unique high-speed ABS HST turbocompressors. Sulzer serves clients worldwide through a network of over 150 production and service sites and has a strong footprint in emerging markets. Our factories that manufacture products for the pulp and paper industry are located in Finland, Sweden, USA, and China.

Q What market share you have in Indian Pump Market? What growth you see and what are your plans to enhance your market share? 

A Sulzer is the world leader in innovative and proven pumping, agitation and mixing solutions for the pulp and paper industry.  We supply products for applications that require deep process knowledge and understanding. In India, our served market is limited to leading paper mills, where high-end pumps are required to manage the demanding production requirements. We have introduced our latest and most energy efficient pumps to the Indian paper industry, which with these world class products will be competitive globally, while managing their carbon footprint as well. Our deep process and application knowledge is based on long-term close co-operation with the producers, machinery suppliers and engineering companies. Sulzer's global delivery and customer service network, including advanced service and parts processing centers, provide qualified services for the entire product life cycle, day and night.

Q What fluid problems in the Pulp and Paper Industry you see in general, which should be addressed and resolved?

A.Paper stock fluid needs special  solutions when it has a high air content or contains medium consistency or abrasive material. We at Sulzer have more than 100 years of experience in pulp and paper industry applications and offer special pumps to manage such demanding applications. For an example, we developed MC® pumping technology in 1980 and have installed it success- fully all over the world since then. Leading OEM companies as well as paper producers worldwide prefer our solutions. Sulzer is the forerunner in stock pumping and mixing over the whole consistency range from 0 to 18%.

Q Process Pumps play an important role in Profitability and Productivity to the Paper Mills. How best you define your process pumps on the parameters of saving energy, un-interrupted operation and zero maintenance?

A. industrial manufacturing faces an increasingly competitive environment. Companies are looking for opportunities to reduce production costs without impacting on their produc- tivity or the quality of the end product. One of the most effective methods is to concentrate on energy efficiency. This will also have additional benefits in terms of improving green credentials. High energy prices have caused all production units worldwide to look for more energy efficient solutions for pumping processes. It is Important to control the energy expenses by reducing power consumption without compromising the output performance. Various directives and standards guide the process industry and thereby also Sulzer’s target setting in terms of efficiency. One important energy efficiency directive is set by the European Union (EU), which has created ERP (Energy-related Products) regulations. These regulations specify the minimum efficiency values for water pumps with the target of reducing energy consumption. Similar types of directives and regulations are being prepared all over the world. Sulzer not only fulfills these requirements, but exceeds them, bringing maximum savings for its customers. A good example is the SNS process pump series that Sulzer launched in 2015. The SNS pump has set the standard for efficiency in its class. Sulzer offers all industries the most efficient and reliable pumping solutions. Extensive research and development work at Sulzer has produced innovative solutions targeted at even better efficiencies and mechanical solutions. In addition to the selection of extremely efficient pumps, more savings may be achieved by intelligent pumping process controlling and optimization tools in the future. Remote monitor- ing, controlling and optimization of pumps are already in use for specific processes. This technology will soon be used even more in industrial pumping processes. The reliable operation of the pump minimizes maintenance costs during the life cycle of the pump. But when the pump ultimately requires maintenance, the structure must be so designed that maintenance is easy and fast. The AHLSTAR pump series has been designed in co-operation with service specialists to enable easy installation and maintenance. The high degree of internal standardization of the components together with a sensibly modulated pump series translates into easy and swift spare parts supply for the almost 150,000 pumps already installed globally. In order to avoid unexpected problems and costs, it is good practice to monitor the pump performance and mechanical condition frequently. One of the best indicators to monitor is the power consumption as a function of the flow rate.  

This value will highlight any issues with worn hydraulic components or increased mechanical friction, which can cause a reduction in efficiency even up to 20% while still in effective operation. Combining this preventive maintenance attitude with the use of original spare parts ensures the highest performance and continued reliability of the pumping system, whilst avoiding unexpected failures and maximizing productivity. Sulzer has an experienced global service network to help its clients in all their pumping questions and needs. Sulzer offers full service availability for daily mainte- nance, pump optimization, and complete energy audits.

Q A single pump is not always suitable for all kind of fluid applications and to develop such a pump which meets the process fluid requirement requires deep study of fluid nature, process path and kind of end application. Correct design and compat- ible pump fabrication help in the development of Innovative pump. Please share your successful deliveries which are customized (as per client requirement) and innovative in nature.

A Every time we offer a pump and other equipment, we ask about the customer’s process in detail and then select a suitable product.  These products run successfully and have a long service lifetime only because we consider all special requirements together with the customer.  We have a huge R&D facility where we can test pumps and agitators for the actual fiber or fluid. This help us to confirm the suitability of our pump for a special application. It also allows the customer to check a product before it is delivered and installed.  As per the customer´s requirement in a recent big project  in Indonesia, we developed and supplied a specially made big MC pump, the biggest we ever have supplied to any customer in the world. Such a demanding application needs long experience. Our excellent reputation helped the customer to take the decision in our favor.

Q Except pumps what other rotating equipment you manufacture?

A Other than pumps, we also manufacture agitators, agitation and dilution systems, tank and tower management systems, online mixtures, steam online heaters for MC stock, as well as turbocompressors, submersible pumps, and mixers for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications. As I mentioned earlier, we are a complete solution provider for the pulp and paper industry for pumps and agitators.

Q The requirement of fresh water is increasing worldwide but the available quantity of ground water is not sufficient to all and to meet fresh water requirement, your efforts of desalination of sea water are appreciated all around but still the world has to go a long way to ensure the supply of fresh & potable water to everyone. In this context what milestones you see which you have to cover?   

A.Yes, it is right that water availability is going to be A a challenge in future. We offer efficient high- pressure pumps for the desalination market and we have special material options for sea water pumps. In view of the demand in the near future, and to make our high-end pumps available at a competitive price, we have completed the technology transfer of these high pressure pumps in our Indian pump factory in Navi Mumbai. These products are now available in India and exported to many countries. We also have a dedicated sales force responsible for the desalination industry, to enable quick response. We will now be able to respond to the future demands of the desalination market. At the same time, we are keeping an eye on new requirements. Just recently Sulzer launched an extended product portfolio for clean water applications.

Q In the era of competition, the cost saving equipment which is driven by natural re- sources such as solar based, air driven or self-driven are cordially accepted for second class applications. What are your views and innovation in this field?

A We are an industrial pump solution provider and always eager to fill the industry’s demands. If the application demands, we can provide self-controlled solutions for industrial pumps. But if we talk about the non-conventional prime-mover driven pumps, we have yet to see what the industry demands in the future and act accordingly.

Q Sulzer provides “Environmental Product Declaration” data which have been prepared from life cycle assessments to his customers. Please specify what is that and what opportunities or environmental needs attract you to collect this data and how the customer can be benefitted with this? 

A. An EPD is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life- cycle environmental impact of products. By introducing standardized EPD’s, Sulzer supplies its customers with transparent and comparable environmental data. The EPDs from Sulzer help customers in their investment decisions and in the sustainable design of their value-added chain. For more detailed information please check the EPD page on Sulzer’s homepage.

Q Indian Government encourages those foreign companies who are in-line of Prime Minister’s “Make in India” plan, How does Sulzer feel itself fit in this plan?

A Sulzer has a pump manufacturing facility in NaviMumbai , where we produce engineered pumps for the oil and gas, power, and water markets. Our leading global products are available from our Indian factory for these industry segments and also exported worldwide.  Sulzer has continuously been investing in the development of its manufacturing unit in India.

Q What is the value of the customer for Sulzer?

A sulzer is committed to ensure that its products, services and operations meet customer needs as well as applicable environmental, health and safety rules, regulations and other requirements.  Since we are in a specialized pump business, we have to fill the customer requirements.  We want to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. With each new project and customer, we aim at achieving  this with our best efforts and services. Deep process and application knowledge together with a comprehensive understanding of market needs keeps Sulzer at the leading edge of technical development. The knowhow and product reliability are based on close cooperation with the world’s leading pulp and paper producers, machinery suppliers and engineering companies. Sulzer’s global delivery and customer service network, including advanced service and parts processing centers, provide qualified services for the entire product life cycle, day and night. Thanks.

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