Pressure Reducing Turbine: A Smart Way to Reduce Power Cost

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Read the technical-commercial article about the pressure reducing turbine, developed by: Industrial Boilers Ltd.

Pressure Reducing Turbine: A Smart Way to Reduce Power Cost

Ahmedabad, 15 March 2017: In view of increasing industrial power cost, Industrial Boiler Ltd. (IBL) has developed Pressure Reducing Turbine (PRT). The Turbine has drawn the attention of the visitors during PaperExpo 2017. Talking to The Pulp and Paper Times, Mr.Zahir Engineer, Director of IBL shared the technical and commercial aspects of PRT. This Compact size PR Turbine works on saturated steam and its power generation is fully grid synchronized with PLC control and able to generate power with minimum steam flow of 4 Ton/hr. He said there is no separate requirement of steam boiler but you need to do one thing, for example 100 TPD kraft paper plant having 10 Ton/ hr steam boiler with 8 Kg/cm2 steam pressure where process requirement of steam pressure is 3.5 kg/cm2. So 8 Kg/cm2 is the inlet pressure to PRT and 3.5 kg/cm2 is the outlet pressure, In this condition, A PR Turbine is able to generate power upto 130 KW per hour. if Power rate is Rs.7/ KW then a company can save Rs.21000 per day or 5 to 7 Lac in a month considering 28 days as working days. This is applicable for existing boiler but if client is going to put new boiler we would suggest to go with 15 tonnes/hr steam boiler instead of 10 tonnes/ hr boiler. With this  difference a PR Turbine can generate upto 150 KW to 170 KW per hour. This will give additional saving to the Mill. The payback period of this turbine is 6 to 7 months.

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