We don’t face any limitation in the widths or lengths of fabrics, we supply: Wire & Fabrik

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Read the exclusive interview of Mr. Dileep Raina , President - Marketing Wire & Fabrik (S.A.) Ltd conducted by The Pulp and Paper Times.

"We don’t face any limitation in the widths or lengths of fabrics, we supply" : W & F

Wire & Fabrik serves the Paper Industry through its three divisions. Paper Machine Clothings (PMC), Paper Machine Accessories (PMA) and Paper Performance Chemicals (PPC). PMC unit is in Jaipur with a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in a land area of 32,500 sqmtrs. The unit here, in existence for over 50 years ,produces modern and latest design Forming Fabrics, Dryer Screens, Pulp Fabrics and allied filtration products. STL, the Shute-Support Triple Layer range of SSB fabrics are  manufactured in the latest generation designs in this facility . The manufacturing operations involve the technologically advanced world famous Jager and Jurgen looms and fully computerized Warping,  Heat Stabilisation ,fully automatic seaming division, Robot ultrasonic edge sealer etc.  PMA unit sources equipments from Kolkata unit as KINGSLEY products and the total range consists of Oscillating Showers, Doctoring Systems including Blades, Nozzles, Filters etc. Kingsley also has a collaboration with OMC, Italy for Fibre Recovery Systems. PPC division includes chemicals sourced from leading European and US companies in the field of defoamers, de-inking, cleaning, OBA, Retention Aids etc. This division, headquartered in Kolkata also provides customised solutions to various paper making problems in liaison with the principal companies. Talking to “The Pulp and Paper Times” Mr. Dileep Raina , President - Marketing  Wire & Fabrik (S.A.) Ltd.unveils the fabrik expertise. 

“Understanding the customised requirement and working on customer  economics is the key for success and we always work for this” 

Q. What is your fabric production expertise?

A. I mean what is the maximum width & length you can produce, kind of fabric you produce for various process applications? AWe are in this field since 1963 thus giving us an experience of over 50 years and expertise in all possible designs and variations in Forming Fabrics and Dryer Screens apart from Pulp Fabrics and allied Filtration Products. In fact, today, we have the highest capacity of forming fabrics and woven dryer fabrics in India and are accredited for latest ISO 9001:2015. In addition to supplying to almost all paper mills in India, we are active in the international markets also with our exports to over 25 countries in Asia as well as the western world. Our product range includes Single Layer, Multilayer andand STL range of Shute Support Binder Forming Fabrics and also Woven and Spiral Linked Dryer Screens. We have also launched our latest offering UNO-Tier range of Dryer Screens for Unirunpositions and high speed machines which also is capable of saving energy during its run by virtue of its unique design. Owing to our full product range , its width and depth, approx. 25% of our revenue is generated from Exports thus making us an important player in the global paper industry. We believe that this has been achieved by us by adopting the latest machines, technologies and reliable quality management systems for making world standard products fully supported by a team of experienced Technical Services Professionals. At the moment we don’t face any limitation in the widths or lengths of fabrics we supply in India or abroad.

Q. What is the market size of industrial fabric (metal & synthetic type) in India and in the world and what market share do you hold in India and in the International Market ? 

A. N.A.Commercial Data can't be disclosed.

Q.What are your expansion plans towards enhancing your market share? 

A. Our STL range of SSB fabrics has been well accepted in modern high speed machines in India and abroad. Now we have also launched its variants to suit different product types and applications. Our most important launch in

has been STL forming fabrics foragrifurnishes and we have achieved excellent results with this range  of STL-SSB fabrics. As a result ,in India ,we have presently the highest market share in latest innovative products like SSB forming fabrics & Unotier dryer fabrics. We also are working towards increasing our global footprints by adding more countries to our export basket. We are confident of achieving these goals because by virtue of our technology, expertise and latest machines , we can compete favourably with global machine clothing suppliers who also mostly use the same machines and source raw material from the same vendors.

Q.How best you describe your innovation in view of profit and productivity requirement to the Paper Mills?

A. Our innovation stems from our expertise and experience in understanding a particular application and then tweaking the products to customise the specifications. The western world fabric designs sometimes are not able to cope up with Indian m/c conditions, raw material furnish etc. In view of our very old relationship with the industry and a wide reach we understand their requirements much better and are able to mould specifications to the requirements of the Indian Paper Industry. These results are achieved with close interactions with the papermakers and we acknowledge that we have always received excellent co-operation from them in this field. In fact it is heartening to see the new generation papermakers adopting the new technologies wholeheartedly thereby contributing to the bottom lines of their operations. The medium and small mills benefit from this in a big way as they can use the latest generation customised products from us locally without facing the problems of import logistics for which larger mills are better equipped.

Q. Best Innovation demands extensive research, development & trials and Innovation gets converted into success if it is carried out in practical conditions at various process parameters. How aggressive are Paper Mills to support your new innovations (for practical trials)?

A. As mentioned above, Indian Paper Mills find us a valuable and willing ally in trying out innovations in our designs etc….and I must say the feeling is mutual. We accept that we are not very active in basic research activities when compared to western counterparts but we are extremely advanced and have extensive application expertise when it comes to development of modified specifications to suit local conditions. In this respect I must admit that the Indian Paper Industry is now all set to accept new challenges and taking bold decisions in trying out innovative designs for better operational advantages. The earlier typical approach of thinking of more life of fabrics has now shifted to thoughts about productivity and costs which is a very progressive step. This knowledge and experience has also helped us in using this approach in our export markets also and thus gaining a good foothold in most of the markets we export to. 

Q. India is considered as a big buying market and many foreign companies are eyed on this market. What are your views on increasing share of foreign companies in Indian Market? What strategy do you adopt to counter the competition?

A.You are partly right……India may not be as big a market in terms of Paper Production as presently the per capita consumption is very low. Foreign companies in our field can be broadly segmented into the organised western brands and the far-east manufactured products. There are some western companies who are active here, only in few large or new machines by virtue of m/c start-up guarantees etc. but their shares are fragmented and going down due to our latest offerings of STL-SSB designs. So possibly there may not be enough business per company for them so as to service the customers as closely as we do. Also we understand the Indian scenario much better and often we have to re-engineer the existing designs and specifications to suit local conditions , be it the m/c condition or the raw material furnish. On the other hand, far-east products, though cheaper, often fail to deliver the quality required. In fact often many cheap products ultimately prove expensive as the difference between being cheap and being economic is sometimes overlooked. So here is a situation where some designs from west may be an overkill for the machines here and some low priced products could leverage heavily on price rather than quality or service. Understanding the customised requirement and working on customer economics is the key for success and we always work for this .Additionally our experience and presence in PMA and PPC products acts as a synergic advantage to us as these associates help us in giving a comprehensive value added diagnostic services package.This leads to mills getting innovative solutions through our combined expertise in clothings, equipments and chemicals thus making us a reliable partner as compared to many foreign companies who supply only the clothings. 

Q.What  are your strengths and weaknesses? 

A. We are a listed company having 31 yrs uninterrupted dividend paying track record which is a reflection of a good company governance. We have always been in the forefront in introducing new products in the market, be it with synthetic forming fabrics way back in the 80s or the latest STL-SSB range of fabrics where we pioneered the local PMC effort in direct competition with Western Suppliers or the energy saving range of Uno-Tier dryer fabrics. We also have our own CADSCAN technical service offering which we conduct regularly on paper machines and submit the diagnostic report to customers enabling them work on their key performance areas. This includes m/c surveys with Fibrescan, drainage elements angle adjustment, stroboscope analysis etc. This service is well appreciated by the industry and forms an integral part of our value added services. Even in dryer section clothing we have a UNO-Tier design mainly meant for Unirun positions and high speed machines or conventional woven screens made of high hydrolysis resistant material .Additionally we have expertise in conducting dryer surveys and Scanpro studies for felts. Needless to mention, all this has been achieved by our biggest strength…our team of dedicated and competent paper professionals and regular investments in new technologies and equipments. Due to sheer volume reasons, our inability in doing the basic research in our field as compared to western world could count as a weakness but as mentioned earlier we are inherently strong in development and application area, thereby maximising our reach and acceptance in the industry. The upgrade of new products is achieved with consultation of global experts who have worked earlier in this field in MNCs and visit us periodically for interaction with our technical team and some of our customers. 

Q. Except paper mills what are the other industries that you serve? 

A. we have a Technical Textiles division which manufactures and supplies products for filtration and other application in various fields. We cover non-wovens,fibre-cement, mining, chemicals etc. industries and applications where solid-liquid separation processes are stringent.


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