NETZSCH intends to widen its offering of other types of Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps

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Read the exclusive interview of Mr.Vivek Norman, Managing Director of Netzsch Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

NETZSCH intends to widen its offering of other types of Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps

NETZSCH Technologies in India since 2005 has been serving customers with its range of Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps with its assembly and thereafter full-fledged manufacturing facility in India. NETZSCH serve customers in the fields of Food and Beverages, Chemical Pulp and Paper, Mining, Oil and Gas and Environmental sectors to convey complex especially Viscous, Shear Sensitive and Abrasive fluids. Exclusively talking to The Pulp and Paper Times Mr. Vivek Norman (see the picture in box) the Managing Director of Netzsch Technologies India reveals their future plans for Indian  market...

How do you ensure prompt after sales and services? 

Services via Consulting is the Key to our offering apart from our world class products. We ensure the availability through our network of Engineers around the count. Knowledge on  application engineering, hydraulics knowledge is the strength that NETZSCH relies on to ensure both timely and qualitative services to our customers. 

In how many countries you are operating and how many manufacturing and servicing units you have worldwide?

NETZSCH Operates in 30 countries around the world directly and has 6  manufacturing facilities in 5 continents  catering to the needs of the customers by being In the Region for the Region. This is unique for NETZSCH being the only company in this niche to be with a wide network. 

How do you support India Government’s Make in India plan?

To have a good share of local content in our products supplied to customers in India has always been the focus for NETZSCH. Today in our range of progressive cavity pumps 60% of the content of our products are produced or bought locally. The support of the suppliers from within India which is world class is another important element of our ability to widen our offering in terms of product range and also with a competitive edge. Today we export 30% of our production directly and indirectly to many developed countries, which has a great amount of local content. NETZSCH intends to widen its offering of other types of Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps as well with localization of some parts in India. 

How industries can be benefited by your  more than 6  decades experience of industrial pump technology? 

In the domain of our business to offer solutions for conveying complex fluids , understanding customer applications and taking the experience of solving the customer needs with cost effective solutions has been the important aspect that has helped develop products over the decades. Our customers rely on us for consulting us for many of their fluid handling challenges in the Positive Displacement pump applications to offer products with the lowest Life Cycle Costs. 

What your expansion plans for India in next 5 years? and What amount you are going to invest?

NETZSCH will continue with opening its product portfolio of offer producing locally and servicing the needs of the customers. The investments will be drive by the demands of the market which is seen to be positive. 

From Indian manufacturing unit, which are neighbouring countries you cater?

NETZSCH has been supplying Pumps directly and indirectly Via some prominent Indian OEM’s  to customers all over the world. We do largely supply directly to some countries in Asia and in Africa.          

NETZSCH aggressively participate in  International Exhibitions, What are your accumulated feedback for the exhibition?     

Exhibitions have always been a platform for us to show to our customers the solutions we have to offer and new developments in our Pump World. Customers have been very curious to learn and excited from what we have been able to show and demonstrate. So yes the exhibitions we choose to present ourselves has been good and we will continue our presence. We further focus on user meets regularly across the country  as a platform for sharing the insight on PD Pumps and Hydraulics. 

What are your views for online media, how online media can help a company to grow its business?        

Online media is indeed a tool we use to promote to reach out to customers with insights on application experiences from around the world. The online media is on the other hand quite populated and one needs to be selective on the usage to ensure the time of our customer is utilized to the best. 

NETZSCH has got Best Practice Award 2011 for Customer Value Enhancement, what is that?

The award is  testimony of the offering NETZSCH has done over many decades now. The value enhancement is for NETZSCH to offer the most economical conveying solutions especially in the area of handling complex fluids. Very often the offerings replace alternative techniques or conveying technologies to the right ones which results in significant savings for our customers . We have had a large portion of business emerging from these applications and hence this award. 

How do you evaluate customer’s views for your european quality pump vs local quality pump?

The  definition of Quality has just  one standard for NETZSCH Worldwide. We strive to keep to this standard  and have done so over many decades. Often the customer preferences of NETZSCH reflects this as many of our customers are OEM’s and Technology Providers who rely on our capability to give top class well-functioning solutions and to be serviced on global base. Our customers have enjoyed that standard and testified to this.

What kind of pumps you have for paper mills and what kind of process applications can be made smooth with these pumps? 

The Paper Mills have a lot of liquids to deal with which are challenging in terms of its properties. They are abrasive, viscous and some are shear sensitive too. The demands have to reduce operational costs owing to the competitive needs of the industry. To be reducing costs would mean to have the lowest in maintenance, energy consumption and also where possible use products with low foot prints, occupying the lowest space. Our Progressive Cavity pumps and the only Oil Free Rotary Lobe Pumps fit perfect to these demands of a paper plant. 

Any new kind of pump or up-graded pump you have introduced recently or going to introduce? 

The TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pump is indeed the modern product from the NETZSCH stable. The Product has gone through a complete cycle of evolution and is indeed revolutionary in its design and the benefits it bring to the customer. The Pump is the only one of its kind which runs oil free . The Pump has the unique feature of FSIP – Full Service in place . This means the customer can do maintenance on the Pump without any major dismantling of related equipment and there- by saving time. The FSIP® range of the Progressive Cavity Pump offers a similar proposition too to our customers. The Stator technology in the Progressive Cavity pumps is an important part of the Pumps design and its performance. The new general of stators called the iFD2.0 series is a significant leap in terms of the Life Cycle Cost reduction for any user. The technique offer better service life, at lower power cost a combination any user would love to have. 

What are other industries (non-paper mill) you are serving? 

There are several industries that NETZSCH Pumps cater too from Food and Beverages, Oil and Gas, Ship Building, Chemical Processes, Mining, Renewable Energy and other waste water treatment plants. 

Any plan to expand your product portfolio? 

NETZSCH will soon come with its range of NOTOS® Multi Screw Pumps another one in the Rotary Positive Displacement Pump family. With experience in  manufacturing, design and application of these pumps since 30 years a new general of Screw Pumps will soon be on global offering and also within India. 

What values NETZSCH carries for a customer?

The NETZSCH company values is what reflects in all our engagement with our business partners which includes our customers and the potential ones too.  Trust and accountability  to the needs of everyone who comes in contact with NETZSCH is what we look to develop and impart. Being the best in class in our area of expertise the focus will always be to offer that experience to our customers who engage with us.


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