Indian Newsprint Industry losses 100 US Dollar PMT due to import, Policy needs to be re-viewed

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Indian Newsprint Manufacturers Association is going through severe loses due to big import of imported news print. See the exclusive views of Mr. P.S.Patwari, President, INMA over this issue.

Indian Newsprint Industry loses 100 US Dollar PMT due to import, Policy needs to be re-viewed: INMA

New Delhi, June, 10, 2016: Indian Newsprint Manufacturers Association (INMA) represents the resurgent and organized platform of Newsprint industry  in India. It makes representations to the Local and Central authorities  on matters related to the trade and commerce of Newsprint Industry. INMA is  a unique body in as much as it has both large and small mills from the private  and public sector from across the country as its members. Exclusively talking to The Pulp and Paper Times  Mr. P. S. Patwari president of  Indian Newsprint Manufacturer’s Association reveals its views about newsprint business in India...

What are the issues of Indian Newsprint Manufacturers Association? and why these issues have become significant?

Main issue of our Association is rampant dumping of imported Newsprint at Zero import duty. This issue is become significant because now 65% of our Country’s total requirement of Newsprint is met by imports.

Newsprint is the one of the subsidized segment among all kind of papers but still many Indian paper mill are running at 50% to 60% of its production capacity. By which ways the condition of Indian Paper Mills who manufacturer newsprint can be improved?

There is no subsidy to Newsprint manufacturers. Indian Newsprint mills are running at 50-60% capacity because the demand is met by imports. The condition of Indian Newsprint mills can be improved if a level playing field is provided to them.

For smooth newsprint trade, what are your expectations from Indian Govt.? Why should govt. review the newsprint import policy? What are the points that are significant for reviewable of the newsprint policy? What losses are being occurred due to current newsprint policy?

Government should levy basic import duty @ 10% which is WTO bound rate and special additional duty in lieu of VAT should also be imposed @ 6% on import of Newsprint.  Government should also impose antidumping duty or anti subsidy duties to restrict the dumping of imports because the local mills have already been severely injured.

Custom duty reduction from 5% to 0% on wood chip, how this reduction will be beneficial to the Indian Paper Mills?

No mill in our country is using Wood chips for making Newsprint and therefore, nobody is benefitted by reduction of Customs duty on wood chip.

Do you think, in Newsprint segment, is there any scope of revenue generation for govt? if yes then how the govt can enhance its revenue generation in newsprint trade without affecting the domestic newsprint trade?

Today our country’s newsprint import are to the tune of Rs. 5500 cores and government can generate good amount of revenue  by levying  duties mentioned above and if the imports are reduced, similar amount can be generated from the indigenous production of newsprint by way of VAT on newsprint sale and VAT/Service Tax on imports.

Don’t you think controlling the import of newsprint will impact the import of newsprint? Surely that will increase the domestic demand but increment in domestic demand may lead to newsprint price hike by Indian manufacturers? Every Indian has right to get the paper at cheap and best quality. What are your views?

No controls are required for import of Newsprint. Only import duties are to be levied as mentioned for getting level playing field to local manufacturers of newsprint.

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