PARAG develops eco-friendly & heat sealable paper packaging solution for the bakery industry

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Read research news, development of Heat Sealable paper to replace poly coated or poly laminated papers & films in food applications.

PARAG develops eco- friendly & heat sealable paper packaging solution for the bakery industry

Mumbai: The plastic products we use in our day to day life consist of polystyrene which discharges a chemical known as styrene that could increase the risk of lymphoma and leukemia & even cancer. Narayan Peesapaty , the founder of Bakey’s Food Private Limited from Hyderabad has developed  edible cutlery.  He has invented the edible cutlery to replace the plastic ones. You can eat your food with them, and then eat them too! But now  the issue  was how to reach the masses with his products in an Eco friendly reliable packaging. Meet the man Ark Agrawal from Mumbai, Director of Parag Copigraph Pvt. Ltd. understands how dangerous is the plastic to human being and its ill effects on the Mother Nature. He along with his R&D team developed Heat Sealable paper to replace poly coated or poly laminated papers & films. Besides it being heat sealable the paper is also 100% Bio-degradable and Food Grade. This makes the paper packaging absolutely safe and ideal for packaging of food or any other article. Especially in a country like India where waste management is still developing, tons of solid waste is dumped in the open ground. Domestic animals such as cows and buffalo’s end up eating these garbage, attracting various health hazards to them and to the  people consuming their milk. “Parag Eco-Seal” helps in nullifying the land fill effect and also bio degrades and  it can be re-cycled as well. Heat Sealable paper is made by coating specially formulated chemicals which are US FDA Approved. The best part is PARAG helps you customize your food packaging as per your requirement along with printing. 

The interesting part about this paper is that it has also  Moisture and Grease resistance properties and is suitable for packaging the food articles, Like in the Airlines, Railways, Prasad (offering) in the temples and many other mass food distributions  to avoid plastic and adopt environment friendly practices. It is also learnt that many companies from environment conscious countries like USA & Europe are approaching PARAG for this packaging solution. Apart from Eco-Seal , Parag also manufactures  varieties of Eco friendly papers  such as Carbonless Paper for Multi part stationery,  Color Papers, Weather Resistant Copier Paper having a shelf life of more than 100 years.  Parag Copigraph along with Bakey’s have taken a great initiative towards adopting eco-friendly solutions and we hope to see more such companies to adopt or innovate green practices for a better future.

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