Interests of the Paper Dealers are Strictly Safeguarded: Sangal Papers

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Read the exclusive interview of Mr. Himanshu Sangal, CMD of Sangal Papers Ltd. conducted by The Pulp and Paper Times.

Interests of the Paper Dealers are Strictly Safeguarded: Sangal Papers

Merrut, JULY, 10, 2016: Sangal Papers (located in Mawana, India) is a paper-manufacturing unit incorporated in 1980 by Sangal family. Since 1980 Sangal Paper has been committed to quality and competitive pricing policy which has helped them in emerging as one of the leading players in paper manufacturing industry.

At Sangal Papers Ltd. preservation of environment has always been of foremost importance. Sangal Paper has their own effluent treatment plant (ETP) which takes care of any chemical run-off, thereby preserving the environment. Company is using co-generation method for self-production of electricity by using steam generated turbines which is fully environment friendly.

Sangal Paper has three machines which are outfitted with a series of advanced equipments. Machine-1 (MF Machine) caters to Writing & Printing, Activity/High Bulk, Construction/Pastel paper (scrapbook) and other specialized colour papers for stationery segment. Machine 2 (Newsprint Machine) is engaged in newsprint paper manufacturing. Machine 3 (MG Machine) manufactures MG varieties ranging from various Kraft papers, Ribbed papers, Envelope papers and other colored papers. In an exclusive interview to The Pulp and Paper Times, Mr. Himanshu Sangal (see photo), CMD of Sangal Papers Ltd shares his views.. 

In current scenario, maintaining paper raw material supply is a big challenge to the Paper mills, how do you take this challenge? What are your views on collective raw material purchase by the paper mills?

Raw material supply is a big challenge to our Paper Mill. We face severe problems due to frequent increase of the raw material prices from time to time which jeopardizes company’s profitability. However, we keep upgrading our pulping technology from time to time due to which we are able to use such kind of imported wastepaper which are not easily used by other mills. Over the years we have gradually increased the percentage of imported raw material in our paper making in order to match out the erratic supply of domestic raw material. Collective raw material purchase by the Paper Mills is not practically applicable as mutual guidelines are not followed regularly.

Paper Traders are considered as backbone of the selling and distribution network, What paper selling policy you hold for paper traders for better paper buying by the paper traders?

At Sangal Papers Ltd. we have a dedicated network of paper traders who looks after the sales of their respective territories. We operate through our dealers in both domestic and international markets. Interests of the dealers are strictly safeguarded by diverting all the direct customer enquiries to the respective dealers. Since we have a huge product range with approx. 50 products under our umbrella so it becomes difficult for a single dealer to cater to all the products in their region. Thus in order to ensure deep penetration of our products in all regions we usually keep 2 or more dealers for a particular region vested with the sale responsibility of group of products

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) are the important part of the Social Living. What CSR you as SANGAL PAPERS cover?

We are very conscious about environment. For Air / Water quality Monitoring – we are generating power from Pet Coke in place of local energy sources which generates less emissions. As our social responsibility towards saving the natural resource water, we are recycling back water at maximum level thus enabling us to use less water for Paper machine.

What are the expansion or up-gradation plans of SANGAL PAPERS in next 5 years?

The Board after constant discussions have lined up number of up-gradation plans which will be phased out over a period of 6 months. The entire focus is on implementing plans which will help in up-grading the quality of the products further since we are deeply ventured into making specialized papers for our customers. The immediate steps we have currently taken is to improve certain sections of our paper machine which have become obsolete with the time and replacing them with the latest technology which will help us in producing far better and quality paper.

Tell us about your Color Paper. What specialty you have achieved in color paper production. In which application, this color paper stands? What new you are planning in Color Paper?

Today Sangal Papers Ltd. has become the name synonymous with Colour Paper. Our forte lies in manufacturing wide spectrum of colour papers finding different applications in the Stationery Segment. We have lots of flagship coloured products which are only manufactured by Sangal Papers throughout the country. Most of these coloured papers are procured by the converting houses and made into some stationery product and exported across the globe. We continuously strive to add more papers to our existing product range. At the moment we are focusing on developing certain specialized papers like Coloured Absorbent Paper which is used in laminates, coloured textile base papers etc

What milestones Sangal Papers has set itself to meet the European Standards in case when the paper is being manufactured with the recycled waste paper?

It is for sure quite difficult to meet the Europeans standards and to especially match the paper quality available in EU since most of the paper produced there is of virgin fibre. However, with our efforts we have succeeded in developing quality papers with good strength parameters which we are currently exporting to European markets as well. We are using a good quality of imported wastepaper to add strength to our paper. We have installed Disperser in our pulping section which helps in improving the quality of the paper produced. We are one of the first paper mills in India to be recognized by Forest Stewardship Council for manufacturing paper from post-consumer recycled fibre. 

Nowadays, in view of reducing natural resources, Environment Restoration has become the major duty to the Paper Mills,  What steps SANGAL PAPERS has taken to minimize or eliminate this issue?

We are using 100% recycled wastepaper for making paper. As such we do require any wood / tree for manufacturing our papers. The amount of wastepaper generated in our country is tremendous. We thus contribute to our nature by converting this wastepaper into new paper. Minimum water, energy is used in paper making from wastepaper as compared with conventional paper made from Wood/Bamboo. 

Paper Mills are considered one of the most effluent generating industries, in this scenario, how effectively SANGAL PAPERS treats the industrial waste which other paper mill should follow? What operation excellency SANGAL PAPERS adopts to manage the waste water under govt. norms?

We have our own effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) in which water discharged from paper machine is treated vigorously to remove all the impurities and harmful chemicals. Most of the water treated through ETP is taken back to the paper machine in order to reduce the usage of fresh water which is the need of the hour owing to the fact that ground water level is decreasing constantly. Remaining water from the ETP is discharged which is used by the farmers around the factory for irrigation purposes. The treated effluent is very clear and meets the norms of CPCB/UPPCB. A qualified team of personnel is dedicated for running of ETP. The water is tested on a daily basis to keep track of the water quality. 

What values does SANGAL PAPERS carry for its customers?  


b)Timely delivery

c)Strong commitment

d)Selling at competitive price

e)Retail market with a good brand of specialty paper.

F)Quality is matchless & uncompromised. Thanks

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