Real Buyer Always Gives the Preference to the Excellence: Hardayal Engg.

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Know the Paper Machine Making expertise from the 40 years old Hardayal Engineering Works.

Real Buyer Always Gives the Preference to the Excellence: Hardayal Engg.

Ghaziabad, September,10, 2016: The 40 years of excellence in manufacturing of paper machine, Hardayal Engineering strongly believes that “Real buyer always gives the preference to the excellence. They never adopt machine or technology without knowing the background of manufacturer. The factor of reliability is the foremost in any purchasing of machines. Revealing the future plan of Hardayal Engineering to “The Pulp and Paper Times”, Mr. Pritpal Singh, Managing Director said “Hardayal Engineering is a four decades old and well-recognized name in Pulp and Paper Machines segment and we customize ourselves according to the requirements. My experience tells that real buyer do not believe in the Chinese machine on account of reliability.”

Hardayal Engineering had been awarded by the “Bharat Gaurav Award”. Specialized in undertaking the projects of 5 to 1000 TPD. Mr. Singh excitedly described about his new product “Indigenous Suction Couch Roll will be our next development in few months.”

Hardayal Engineering since its inception has completed 250 installations worldwide including India. On a question of reliability of European Machines, he said certainly European Paper Machines have good quality but Indian made paper machines are not far behind. We have given the European touch to our paper machines through incorporating imported parts such as suction couch roll, suction press rolls in the paper machine. Now these paper machines are enjoying double benefits “Reliability equal to foreign machine with lower Indian pricing” he said. Hardayal Engineering has already completed the 20 foreign projects installation and having secured new orders as well.

Supplying of bi-nip and tri-nip press, overhauling of critical vacuum washers, Hardayal Engineering is moving from traditional to advance machinery output. “We execute the export orders on the priority basis and to complete the delivery task in faster way, we are adding Boring machine, VPL, Plano millers and other required machinery” he added. Recently Hardyal Engineering has supplied Press frames to Century Pulp and Paper on the repeated order. “Our deliveries are appreciated and awarded with repeat orders most of the times.”  He  said.

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