We Believe in Pilot & Demo Studies for Robust Solutions: Paques Environmental Technology

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Read the exclusive interview of Mr. Sudeep Sangameswaran, MD of Paques Environmental Technology India conducted by The Pulp and Paper Times.

"We Believe in Pilot & Demo Studies for Robust Solutions": Paques Environmental Technology

Since over 30 years, Paques helps industries to reduce water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources. After the introduction of the first BIOPAQ® reactor in 1981 Paques developed a broad portfolio for integrated water and gas treatment in close cooperation with partners. All the solutions proved to be cost-effective and highly reliable. Talking to The Pulp and Paper Times, Mr. Sudeep Sangameswaran, MD of Paques Environmental Technology India, shares his efforts in handling of Industrial waste .

Q. Paques is considered as a diversified company in the waste water treatment how do you see your journey since inception? “Biotechnology that purifies water and gas is Paques’ profession. Revitalizing resources is our motto.

Paques helps companies to contribute to the major challenges of today: to reduce water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources. Paques’ anaerobic water purification systems produce energy from wastewater, whilst purifying the water and facilitating water reuse. The biogas produced in the purifying process is a source of green energy. Since the introduction of our first BIOPAQ® reactor in 1981, close cooperation with our partners has resulted in a broad portfolio for integrated water and gas treatment. Paques’technologies have proven to be cost-effective and reliable solutions. Paques offers a broad range of services, ranging from feasibility studies, consultancy and engineering to mechanical and electrical contracting. The portfolio for water treatment is wide and includes flexible anaerobic treatment, aerobic treatment, (biological) sand filtration, nitrogen removal, sulphate removal, phosphate recovery and removal and metal removal.

For (bio)gas treatment, Paques offers a very efficient desulphurization technology. Customers of Paques are active in virtually every Municipal and Industrial market, such as Food , Beer and Beverages, Pulp and Paper, Biofuels, Metals and Mining and Chemicals. Paques purification processes vary from end-of-pipe solutions to closed loop systems, using a combination of anaerobic treatment, aerobic treatment, filtration, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis and UV radiation. Even in some segments’ wastewater contains high levels of nitrogen and phosphate, which imposes increased discharge costs could be easily treated via Paques technology.

Q In waste water treatment, India Pulp and Paper Industry is in saturation stage if you offer traditional treatment. What market opportunities do attract you to move into this field?

In India, our prime focus is to bring cutting edge as well as emergent Paques global technologies and relate them to a low total cost of ownership context in anIndian scenario. With Paques Biopaq®IC technology, Paper industry can be sure of (a) Process optimisation in water usage, (b) Claimingclean energy and Clean Water, (c)Enhance the in-housetalent through industry expertise from Paques. Paques looks all government new regulations as an opportunity for the paper industry to look at “Waste Water Treatment as a revenue generation model”.

Q Innovative Technology asks premium on price, How Pulp and Paper industry is ready to accept your innovation in the field of waste water treatment?

A Paques always look at Project life Cycle cost which consist of OPEX + CAPEX , and for sure working on this model Paques provide the best and economical solution to paper industry . With the new plant inaugurated in Oct’2016 (approximately 2500 square meters) is situated in one of India's modern industrial Parks - Sri City, on the south eastern coast of India. Most of the machinery for the production of internals for the Paques systems for wastewater and biogas treatment were imported from Europe. Besides India and the SAARC region, the products will be supplied to customers across South East Asia, Japan, Vietnametc. So local manufacturing will make Paques more price competitive and also in turn Paques provide a hassle free and consistent performance with our BIOPAQ ® IC reactor to Pulp & Paper industry (250+ references worldwide with paper industry).

Q In view of reducing natural resources, renewal energy is considered to be a new generation energy, How Paques is capable of meeting the energy requirement?

The entire portfolio of Paques Global Technology and Solutions Basket is available now in India. Paper industry that generates waste with High COD, ammonia, fats, oil & grease, etc. or generates Biogas that needs to be remedied for use as Clean Energy can find a Paques solution that will help improve their profitability and sustainability objectives. It is a pertinent point to mention here that annually Paques invests 10-11 percent of its global revenue in R&D. We expect even more innovative clean technology and sustainability solutions to be made almost simultaneously available to India – one of the top markets for such technologies.

Q.Completing 250+ installations worldwide in Paper Industry give the expertise to understand the process complications and its solutions, What are the majorprocess complications in waste water treatment you have seen and resolved them?

Paques has successful reference with all sort of paper industry be it writing, printing, corrugated box etc . Each and every paper mill effluent is different with the other in terms of COD-BOD Loads and other process parameters, we closely work as a partner and provide a customised solution to every mill and basis of which we have all the installations as happy working references. Paques does pilot study followed by demo plants if required for customers satisfaction and building trust on technology.

Q In view of reducing water resources, Sometime the Pulp and Paper industry is forced to use recycle water, water from the polluted river and another source of water, Yes it is good to save the fresh water through using treated water but treated water adds additional cost to the production. So many times industry avoids this conditions. How Paques can avoid this additional cost of treatment?

Water scarcity is one of the most important challenges of today and for the future. Water is a bare necessity of life. It is essential in the production of food, goods and energy, for socio- economic development and for maintaining healthy ecosystems. Although 70% of the earth's surface consists of water, only 1% is fresh water and available for human consumption So saving and recycling water is need not a choice in current scenario, and Paques motive is revitalizing Resources. Economics must be evaluated as a complete product life cycle. Paques Next Gen solutions has many benefits like – less space, Robust, durable, less electricity consumption, Maintenance free etc.. All these unique features aids in reducing the cost of treatment.

Q.In wastewater treatment segment Foreign and Indian Industry have different geography. In Foreign Plants where there is ample space for waste treatment but in India there is the lack of space. Sometimes Industry is not ready to accept good wastewater treatment technology which requires big space So compact and efficient waste water treatment which demands less space is always preferred? How do you offer your treatment in this condition?

I would differ with this this statement since Paques Biopaq® Anaerobic treatment takes 7 to 8 times lesser space as compared to any tradition available plants due to higher VLR (Volumetric Loading Rates) and Upflow velocities .Paques BIOPAQ®IC reactor requires much lesser volume as compared to old technologies for treating per kg COD load. For better understanding pls refer to Paques successful case studies available over website.

Q.Research and Developments are part of Industrial growth and R&D shifts the industry from the traditional way to advance way of working. R&D achieves success if it is carried out in practical conditions at different industry, How much industry is opened for your Research and Development requirements?

Paques works closely with big Universities across the globe for its R&D activities, especially with University of Delft, University of Wageningen etc. Paques believes in innovations and all contributes its profits in improving technologies. Paques Work in model wherein we believe in conducting the pilot studies and Demo plant study to provide robust solutions to industries.

Q What new are you planning forPulp and Paper Segment in waste water treatment? You are setting up a new plant, please share new plant detail.

Paques Environmental Technology India Pvt. Ltd. is the fourth and most modern sales/production site of the Dutch company Paques, which in thelast decades has specialized in the purification of wastewater and biogas, based onbiotechnology. With these technologies Paques has proven to be able to helpcompanies and governments to meet one of the greatest challenges of ourcontemporary society: reducing the water and CO2 footprint and recovering valuableresources from waste (water). Paques' technologies are applied in various sectors allover the world. The new plant (approximately 2500 square meters) is situated in one of India's modern industrial Parks - Sri City, on the south eastern coast of India. Most of themachinery for the production of internals for the Paques systems for wastewater andbiogas treatment were imported from Europe. Besides India and the SAARC region,the products will be supplied to customers across South East Asia, Japan, Vietnametc.

Q. Biogas generation, certainly the generation of this renewal energy is an advance idea of making money or fulfill the energy needs from industrial waste, Which kind of industrial waste is required to generate Biogas. In which applications this Biogas can be used. How industry can make money from this Biogas.

Any Biodegradable waste Effluent is good for generation of biogas by anaerobic process. Anaerobic digester helps in reducing the COD and BOD levels in waste water and in turn generates Biogas which can be further utilised as fuel in Boiler else could be further treated to generate electricity via gas generator's. So saving on fuel is the biggest advantage and revenue from Biogas.

Q. Paques has evaluated a large number of waste water treatments across the world, What difference Paques has seen in Waste Water Treatment of India Pulp and Paper Industry and Foreign Pulp and Paper Industry.

Awareness & Concern towards environment is quite high in foreign countries as compared to India. Due to strict government policies coming in India , companies in India has started taking initiatives . Paques considers every paper mill effluent as different with other and work in providing the customised solutions to treat the effluent. Paques Global success references helps building up the confidence in customer along with the pilot studies done before setting up the plant. Paques aim is to Develop References and which can we make possible by proper analysis before setting up the plant.

Q.The requirement of fresh water is increasing worldwide but the available quantity of ground water is not sufficient to all and to meet the fresh water requirement. Don't you think desalination of sea water and make it potable water through water purification technology can solve the want of fresh water requirement. In this context what are you views?

Paques Technologies help in treating the Effluent at source itself which could be further help in recycling of water. Desalinations is a good move and there are certain membrane technologies to treat the water and further make it usable.

Q.In the view of depleting natural resources there is rising need of Revitalizing of resources. This could be a tough path to move on and one who move on this path, his efforts are appreciable. What difficulty you see which slows your growth? What milestones you see which have to cover this context?

Paques' mission is to design biotechnological processes to purify water and gas streams in order to improve the sustainability of companies and contribute to the balanced improvement of People, Profit and Planet through revitalization of resources.Even though the Paques' technologies are mainly built on economic grounds, significant environmental advantages are reached with the Paques reference base.

Daily 18.2 millionkg of organic pollution is treated with over 850 anaerobic BIOPAQ® installations of Paques worldwide

These installations produce an amount of biogas equal to the natural gas requirements of 1.7 million households in the Netherlands

Additionally 6.6 Mt CO2 is reduced per year.


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