Mohit Paper Mill Starts New Tissue Paper Making Plant

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Read New Expansion News, Paper Mill: Mohit Paper Mills, Ltd., Expansion Type: New 30 TPD Tissue Paper Plant.

Mohit Paper Mills Starts New Tissue Paper Making Plant

Bijnor | 20, December 2017 |  The Pulp and Paper Times

Tissue paper is one of thespeedy emerging market. People habit to keep themselves hygiene making tissuemanufacturing profitable.The global tissue paper market to grow at a CAGR of4.88% over the period 2014-2019. In this row of production Mohit Paper Millshas started 30 TPD tissue machine in its existing premises. On the inaugurationof new paper machine (PM) of tissue production, Mr. Sandeep Jain talks to ThePulp and Paper Times “It is a very big day for us that we have now tissue paperin our product basket after writing & Paper. Obviously Tissue is becoming alarge market day by day. One should not want to unexplored the tissuemanufacturing especially when he is paper manufacturer.”

Mohit Paper Mills is manufacturing various grades of writingand printing paper based on bagasse/agro waste which are abundantly availablein the vicinity of the manufacturing unit.“we will use virgin as well as wastepaper for raw material.” Mr. Jain informed. 

According to the report, the global tissue paper marketfinds maximum growth in APAC and MEA. These are the major regions that arebooming and developing by leaps and bounds and are also expected to do so inthe future. Since the market for tissues has already been majorly exhausted inthe developed regions of the US and Europe, the markets looking lucrative forgrowth and prosperity are the emerging markets. These are the markets where,with the growth of populations and the growing awareness for hygiene, thetissue paper market can surely rely on a profitable return.

Tissue paper manufacturers should look toward expanding theirmarkets to such economies where the need for them is at its peak. People inthese regions are slowly adopting the concept of westernization. As a result,more and more people are adopting more modernized lifestyles, as a result ofwhich the consumption volume of tissues in the region is all set to boom.

“We have approximately invested Rs. 10 cr. in the project,aiming to sell the product India and overseas market. GSM range of tissueproduction will be 15 to 90 and the deckle size of machinery is 2.8 meter(Finished) and speed is designed at 430 to 440 m/m.” told by Mr. Jain.

The production of tissue paper is done by apaper machine which is fitted to a single large steam heated drying cylinderwith hot air hood on it. The raw material used is generally paper pulp, though,owing to the technological advancement and innovation in the manufacturing oftissue paper, paper pulp is now used in less quantity. The paper contains thehigh amount of northern bleached softwood kraft pulp and chemi-thermo mechanicalpulps which improve the water holding capacity making them further applicablefor various purposes.

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