Innovation- For Growth and Sustainability: IPPTA

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Find the upcoming event news, Oraganised by: Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association, India, Venue: Ghaziabad, Date: 23 to 24 MARCH 2018

Innovation- For Growth and Sustainability: IPPTA

New Delhi, Feb 13, 2018, TPPT: The world is changing at a rapid pace and we need to keep adapting to remain relevant. Various technologies are causing disruption and we need to learn to adapt and ensure that we take advantage of the opportunities that are being brought forward.

On the theme of Innovation in Paper Industry Indian Pulp & Paper Technical Association (IPPTA) is organising a seminar on 23 and 24 March at Radisson Blue, Kaushambi- Delhi NCR as well Annual General Meeting.

Talking to The Pulp and Paper Times, Mr. M. K. Goyal, Honorary Secretary, IPPTA said “There are numerous other areas such as logistics, communications, branding, financing, people practices etc. where we need to adapt innovative practices. Each industry and geography poses its own unique set of intricacies and complications and progress can only be made if we develop solution through a global perspective and local understanding. We also cannot remain in isolation as the economies become more global. Our standards need to ensure that we are competing at the highest global levels with consistent goods and services.”

“Constant innovation is needed in all domains and we need to learn to think out of the box to forge forward towards excellence in every sphere.” He further added.

Market: There is huge shift in the communication market with the advent of electronic mediums and the internet. There is a shrinkage globally in the Newsprint and Writing/ printing segments. This shift will start effecting our nation as our economic strength increases and education level rise. Packaging again is being transformed through online delivers, eating out, need for better branding and sustainability issues.

Conversion Demands: Our converters are modernising and their demands become more stringent. Today there is also awareness towards global standards and run ability. The machines are becoming more sophisticated and demanding. They are less forgiving. The competition is rising and the buyer has enormous choice of products and substitutes. There is a need for better value propositions and differentiation.

Process: There is a constant demand for innovation in every segment of the process. We need to think out of the box. Efficiencies have to keep getting better and we also need to find ways to disrupt. We need to build on ideas that adapt well to our conditions. We need cost effectiveness. We need flexibility. We need to improve productivity. We need to find consistency in performance and adopt more controls and automation.

Raw Material: We are situated in a place where raw material is scarce. Our dependence on global waste fibre has to reduce. We have to utilise more agri waste. We need to plant more.


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