Swastik Pulp and Paper Has Added 75 TPD more Kraft Paper Production Capacity

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Swastik Pulp and Paper Has Added 75 TPD more Paper Production Capacity 

Nashik, Jan 31, 2018, TPPT: “The kraft papers are gaining ground, with growing applications in the packaging industry. 

Various industries including food & beverage, electronics, cosmetics, personal care, textile and others use kraft papers as packaging products. This is expected to drive kraft paper market over the next ten years.” Informed by Mr. Shankar Patel, Director of Sukraft Group.

“We have invested Rs. 7 to 8 Cr. for the enhancement of our production capacity by 75 TPD, earlier it was operating at 110 TPD. We have already achieved 160 TPD level. We have done mechanical modification in the existing premises to accommodate the additional plant and machinery supplied by Saloni Engineering Works, Ahemdabad.

The process of erection of plant and machinery at the site has been done. We have added Head Box, size press, Table element & dryers into the system to get the extra production level.” Mr. Patel informed to The Pulp and Paper Times.

Swastik Pulp and Paper is manufacturing 120 to 300 GSM Kraft paper with BF range up to 28, “After expansion, our GSM range would be extended up to 350 to 400 GSM for production of  tubes.  Our deckle of the machine will remain same to 3 metre (finished) speed is 375 m/min (Maximum).” Mr. Patel told.

The preference for biodegradable and sustainable packaging is growing with increasing awareness regarding the negative impact of packaging solutions on the environment, due to use of plastic and other such non-biodegradable products among the consumers and growing preference for paper based packaging. Consumers are turning their loyalties towards eco-friendly products. Kraft paper is one such product which is used for packaging nowadays, as they do not draw any negative impact on environment. Kraft papers are produced using kraft process. Various fibres can be used in the kraft process. These papers are relatively coarse and have high tensile strength.

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