Pigments Dispersion: A Smart Way of Uniform Shading

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The leader in pigment dispersions the company Pidilite introduces Pidifine, a pigment dispersion for uniform color shading in paper making. see short report.

Pigments Dispersion Over Dyes: A smart way of uniform shading

February, 10, 2018: Better and uniform shading is the need of paper making. To fulfill the need, the leader in pigment dispersions,

Pidilite has introduced their "Pidifine" series, the pigment dispersions for writing printing, tissue and coating paper making industry.

Exclusively talking to The Pulp and Paper Times, Dr.Tiwari, Section Head of Technical Services and Research & Development told that this pigment dispersion  generates minimum effluent and water can be recycled for purpose of irrigation and paper making also.

Normally in paper making, the shade changing takes one to three hours but with this pigment operating time can be save significantly with less doses. Take an example, For one ton of paper this pigment require 122-125 gram while other traditional dyes require 142 to 150 grams." He explained.

On the question market size, he replied that the market size of pigment dispersions (for paper segment) is Rs. 75 crore and with growth of 10 to 15 % per annum. In general condition, with use of dyes in paper making, it is very hard to achieve zero liquid discharge but this pigment named PIDIFINE you can achieve ZLD.

“Currently we are serving many paper mills across the India such as TNPL, JK, Syshashee, APP, Mondi, Astron.” he added.

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