New measurement solution for tissue production

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Honeywell introduces a new scanner model to the tissue paper making industry. see the report.

Honeywell new Universal Scanner introduced first for continuous web solution industries in the picture and later of the year to the Tissue paper machines.

Universal Scanner will be introduced first to continued web solution industries and later this year to the tissue paper industry. ”Universal Scanner is a very high quality and cost-efficient solution for tissue paper machines. Universal Scanner is an example of Honeywell’s continuous investment in Paper and CWS Research and Development. With Universal Scanner, Honeywell combines the long experience of both CWS, which is for example biax, rubber tires, battery industries and paper machines quality measurement and control experience.

This valuable combination of close to 50 years of experience in these industries is now brought together in a single Universal Scanner offering,” says Marko Jämsen, the leader of Honeywell Process Solutions’ Pulp and Paper Business in Europe.

Universal Scanner is the first horizontal scanner Honeywell has launched in both CWS and Paper industries. Technologies such as Ethernet connectivity and data transfer at the sensor level are included and support Honeywell’s IIoT offering. Existing customers’ appreciation of maintenance, on-line diagnostics and manual and remote support capabilities are all taken into account in the new 

scanner. “Universal Scanner fits perfectly with tissue machines due to its two important measurements: MXIR for base measurements and crepe surface technology,” says Jämsen.

According to Honeywell, the new technology is unique to Honeywell’s Experion MX integrated quality control and process knowledge system. A Crepe Structure Measurement sensor provides users with a tool to optimize creping in realtime for improved production quality and efficiency. It analyzes tissue quality by capturing high-resolution images of the moving sheet to identify important variables in the creping process. Realtime images offer unprecedented visibility of machine and cross direction values, providing a wide-range of potential benefits. Honeywell reports that the MXIR sensor provides scanning transmission measurement of the infrared energy absorption of fiber, water and other sheet properties, to report dry weight, basis weight and moisture percentage for low ash content paper weights up to 150 gsm. MXIR leverages signal processing and communication power with the excellence of the Experion MX Quality Control System. ”The price quality ratio of Universal Scanner for tissue will astonish the markets. The crepe sensor itself, which has been proven to provide significant operating benefits to our customers and increase their bottom line, is now available in a more cost-efficient scanner solution together with a non-nuclear basis weight and moisture measurements.

This is a package I’m very proud of,” states Jämsen.

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