Why Natural Kraft Paper Complements the Farm-to-Table Movement

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See interesting use of Kraft paper, which can easily be used for table coverings, placemats, or menus, extending its value as a complementary aesthetic.

Why Natural Kraft Paper Complements the Farm-to-Table Movement

You may have heard the term “farm-to-table” before, or may be you’ve used it recently yourself. It’s become a popular cultural movement based around sustainable, humane agriculture and favoring locally-sourced organic foods over mass-produced, commercialized, farming practices.

Proponents of farm-to-table food list a lot of different reasons for the practice, from the health aspect (including concerns over genetically-modified food and the use of antibiotics or pesticides) to the economic side of things (such as the disappearance of small family farms and the high cost of transport affecting the cost of healthful food). But one thing they all seem to agree on is that taking a step back to a simpler, less technology-focused take on agriculture can benefit everyone.

And that’s where natural kraft paper really shines as the perfect complement to the farm-to-table movement.

Natural kraft paper looks the part

If a restaurant is advertising beef that is 100% organic, locally-sourced, farm-to-table meat, it could look out of place to have it served on shiny stainless steel or flat black ceramic dishes, which don't encourage the rustic message.

Instead, a customer who’s interested in knowing how and where their beef was raised is probably thinking (even subconsciously) about the old-fashioned, simpler, more natural ideas behind the farm-to-table movement. So, when their meat is presented on a wooden tray under a natural kraft paper liner, the aesthetic matches their expectations perfectly.

Natural kraft paper is versatile

Kraft paper can easily be used for table coverings, placemats, or menus, extending its value as a complementary aesthetic. Since kraft paper can be ordered with custom printing as well, there’s really no limit to how it can be used by restaurants focusing on all-natural, simple, and healthful food.

Natural kraft paper is inexpensive

One of the concerns some people have regarding farm-to-table food is that it ends up being quite a bit more expensive than alternatives. This is in part due to how quickly the food needs to move from harvest or slaughter to preparation in order to enjoy freshness and flavor without preservatives.

In order to balance offering the highest-quality product, but pricing it at a level that customers are willing to pay and that still provides a profit for the restaurant, many restaurant owners need to be creative with other aspects of the business.

Natural kraft paper, used in the ways described above, can prove a highly economical choice over more traditional trays, dishes, table coverings, or custom printed menus and placemats. This provides owners with the flexibility to charge more reasonable prices for top-quality farm-to-table food while still leaving the door open to a higher percentage of customers.

If you’d like to explore the inexpensive, versatile, and complementary use of natural kraft paper for your restaurant or for distribution purposes, contact us today and we’d love to discuss how we can help.

Author: Alan NeSmith, President , Oren International, Paper Converting Company (in picture 2)

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