Pulp & Paper Industries Booming Towards Water Reuse

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Water is considered as one of the most vital part in natural resources and backbone of Paper Making Industry. How to save water in various process? Read a short study.

Pulp & Paper Industries Booming Towards Water Reuse

Water is one of the most used resource in Pulp and paper industry. about 100 liters of fresh water are needed to make 1kg of paper. Almost 99% of the water is extracted from paper pulp slurry and only 1% is the actual paper. The intensity of water in paper making process is much higher. However, there is much opportunity to reuse the water. Maximum reuse of waste water can help you achieve environmental and economic goals.

Indian Paper Industry expected to grow and touch 25 million tonnes in 2019-20. Therefore, it is essential to reuse water for future conservation. With Minor treatment and correct equipment, you can use water in many different applications such as chemical-making, cleaning, dilution and operation of Machines.

Point to Worry:

Pulp & Paper industry is facing problem in managing wastewater and sludge. Water is contaminated during the manufacturing process by effluent solids, sediments, chlorinated compounds, AOX, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) contaminants. Which causes environmental issues and challenges waste water treatment.

Government is also restricting to dump waste water into the environment therefore you must filter the water before dumping it into the environment. This increases the ETP load while filtering the water.

Pulp & Paper industry is also in trouble because of Cost associated to environmental impact, fresh water source & Energy. Therefore it pushes the pressure on the industry to reduce its water footprint and increase water efficiency.


Water is the life line of a paper maker. New treatment, technologies and  resource recovery strategies gives remarkable solutions to paper industries. For instance Effluent treatment plant can assist you to reuse large amount of water.

Water can also be filtered at many different processes while making paper. This will help you to reuse the water within the process and can also recover valuable fibers.

Water recycling can help you reduce the cost of water and let you make more profit, Reduce the load on ETP process and provides zero discharge of water into the environment. 

Some of the areas to reuse water:

Back Water: 

Water residue from the pulp is in the larger quantity as compared to other processes. To reuse the water Galaxy Sivtek sieving machine is installed in the line to remove residue pulp and other impurities. This process is know as backwater as this water is reintroduced into the system

White Water:

White water contains 30% of fiber. White water can be reused in raw material to create paper pulp. Therefore it is necessary to remove Fibers and fillers from the white water using Industrial Self Cleaning Filter to have more efficiency in the plant operation. Fillers are fine particles that are smaller than the dewatering screens. Hence Filler content is removed and collected using high pH precipitation, such as lime dosing. This help us in getting white water will less amount of fillers.

Clear Water:

Clear water can be used for many applications such as heating & cooling or for chemical-making. For all the above applications, water should be free from fibers and fillers. ETP (Effluent treatment plant) is necessary at this stage to purify the water. This plant can also help you to separate Fibers and fillers to reclaim water in the raw material to ease waste water treatment process further. Long fibers are separated placing a high power Vibro sifter, and then other solid content are removed through precipitation.

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