World's First Sustainable Production Computer System

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Read the news about the production computer system made of only paper.

World's First Sustainable Production Computer System

Facebook’s “Open Compute” project unveiled a daring design challenge for students at Purdue University’s College of Technology: to create a biodegradable server chassis. (That’s computer casing to you and me.)

Why? Well, due to the rapid advances in technology and the development of ever-more powerful computers, companies have to replace their servers as often as every 2-3 years and this creates a lot of waste. So, Facebook is looking for ways to challenge conventional thinking and explore more sustainable designs. They are doing this through their Open Compute project. As corrugated board is a biodegradable product which dissipates heat better than plastic, it is a logical choice. However, remember that a chassis made with corrugated could just as easily be recycled. And: it is already on the market, as shown in our picture.

Recompute is the world's first sustainable production computer system, originating from the UH Industrial Design Program and based in Houston, TX. Recompute is seeking four driven, clever and resourceful students to be part of a collaborative team, which will have first hand opportunity working at an eco-friendly technology manufacturing business. If selected for the team, you will be responsible to work as a group to take Recompute to the next level of larger commercialization potential. Team members will be responsible to run the multi-faceted aspects of the company: managing the website, developing business relationships, marketing, sales, manufacturing, supply chain, technical support, as well as new product development. In a nut shell: Doing what it takes to grow the product and company on a daily basis.


Upon the completion of the Internship, students will receive course credit with the potential continuation from internship to a full time position as well as tuition assistance. There are also opportunities for profit-sharing, company equity and a tuition stipend. This is an investment in sweat equity, bridging the gap between academia and the real world with applied business knowledge in regards to marketing, design and manufacturing. Interns are expected to be goal driven, self motivated and willing to make things happen.

Brief History of Recompute:

Recompute began life as a student project that has morphed into the first sustainable production computer manufactured in the world. Guided by the principle of Full Life Cycle Design, Recompute has been globally recognized for its innovation and emphasis on sustainability applied to how technology products are manufactured. Full production began in 2010, and since Recompute has sold units to individuals, companies and universities across the world. It has been featured on hundreds of websites, numerous publications and is on permanent collection in multiple museums. It is our goal to educate the world on the importance of sustainability in technology, and have Recomputes in as many business and educational intuitions as possible.

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