Udehra Paper Mill Invests Rs. 2 Cr. to Expand the Capacity

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Expansion news, Paper Mill: Udehra Paper Mill, Location: Punjab, Production expanded by: 20 TPD.

Udehra Paper Mill Invests Rs. 2 Cr. to Expand the Capacity

Ludhiana | 12 July 2018 | The Pulp and Paper Times

Rising demand of kraft paper is being met by expansion in various part of India. Udehra Paper Mills from Punjab has invested Rs. 2 Cr. for achieving extra capacity in the existing plant. Talking to The Pulp and Paper Times, Mr. Devendar kumar, Partner of Udehra Paper Mill said “currently we are in modification process only to achieve extra 10 to 20 TPD by August 2018. Presently we are operating at 50 TPD producing Kraft paper of 100 GSM”

Udehra Paper is installing size press, jumbo press and two dryers in existing plant and machinery. “All equipments are being supplied by Hardayal Engineering and we are expected to increase our GSM range up 140 with enhanced BF. Machine deckle is 2.59 meter” Mr. Kumar informed.

Udehra Paper is selling its all production in local market at Rs. 22 per Kg. “Kraft paper is getting used more day by day and our expansion will fulfil local demand of paper. We will also provide 8 to 10 new employment by our expansion” Mr. Kumar said.

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