Silverton Pulp & Papers Succeeds In Its First Commercial Trial Production

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Silverton Pulp & Papers Pvt Ltd starts its 100000 MT coated paper plant with the total investment of INR150 cr.

Silverton Pulp & Papers Succeeds In Its First Commercial Trial Production

Oct 13, 2018, | Muzaffarnagar

Now 'Coated Paper Segment' Market to receive 1,00,000 TPA paper domestically

After being penetrated by few Paper manufactures, the much in demand, coated paper segment has added one more paper mill in its 'basket' i.e. Silverton Pulp & Papers. “We have been working since last two years to come up with good quality coated paper in the market and now we are very excited and overwhelmed to have reeled out successfully first commercial trial paper production.” informed by Mr. Akshay Jain, MD of Silverton Pulp & Papers Pvt. Ltd. to The Pulp and Paper Times.

“We have invested INR 150 Cr. into state-of-art production facility and expected to sell the finished product at INR 70 per KG in the domestic market.” Mr. Jain told. (Mr.Sandeep Jain (L) & Mr.Akshay Jain (R)

However, the rising price of the US dollar has impacted the raw material costs. Silverton has felt the heat of price increase on 'wood pulp' around INR 6 to 6.50 per KG in the last two months, which has to be passed on to end customers.

Company will be using Soft and Hard wood pulp for coated paper manufacturing; to be exported from Brazil and other countries.     

Domestically our industry is producing only 3,00,000 Metric Tonnes (MT) coated paper against our total demand of 8,00,000 MT. India is growing multifold on literacy level. More publications are coming in the market. The coated paper offers gloss and matte texture finishes leading to rising applications in advertising materials, security papers, newspaper inserts, converted paper products, catalog, soap and magazines among others. Coating provides enhanced physical properties such as dirt, tear, and wear resistance upon paper substrates, along with extended life span.     

“We have imported second-hand plant and machinery from Europe with finished deckle of 3750 mm and the machine is designed at a speed of 1000 meters per minute. Silverton is introducing revolutionary technology in papermaking, we are the first to install Vacuum Blower for power saving. The entire papermaking system would be DCS controlled, which would give us better control on processes inside the mill.” Mr. Jain said.

Silverton will produce single and double side coated paper with 94 to 95 % brightness. However, to remain competitive in the coated segment, Silverton is committed to reducing the cost of production. We are really looking forward to a reduction in electricity bill marginally by setting up 16 MW power cogeneration plant having turbine supplied by Siemens. We have installed 100 Kg pressure boiler; one of its kind after Century Paper.  

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