Friends Paper Mill Enters into Tissue Paper Segment, Setting up a 20 TPD Plant

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Find the expansion news, Paper Mill Name: Friends Paper Mill, Expansion Area: Tissue Paper Production, Production Planned: 20 TPD.

Friends Paper Mill Enters into Tissue Paper Segment, Setting up a 20 TPD Plant

Sansarpur Terrace | 30, Oct 2018 | The Pulp and Paper Times

Personal hygiene is of prime importance to Indian consumers. In an age of increased awareness about hygiene and the range of products available, tissue and hygiene in India continues to post strong double-digit growth, with this performance also being supported by rising disposable incomes. 

“The consumption trend of tissue paper products in the metro cities is very different from the smaller cities and towns in India. Rural India mainly consumes MG poster (also called hard paper) in its paper napkins. Though this quality of paper is not at all absorbent to water, it is still extensively used here because of the cost factor. Tissues in India on the whole are still considered more a luxury item than a commodity. As a category the sales of paper napkins is maximum, and facial boxes the least.” explained by Mr. Rohit Sharma, Director of Friends Paper Mills.

“Yes, we are investing around Rs. 12 cr. for manufacturing of 20 tpd tissue paper. Basically we are scrapping our old paper mill of kraft paper in Himachal Pradesh to accommodate the plant and machinery of tissue. We are expected to start the commercial production by end of 2018.” Mr. Sharma said. 

“Our tissue production would be entirely recycled fibre based and we may mix virgin fibre depend on what quality of tissue we are producing. Our GSM range will be 18 to 22 which is to be manufactured on mixed machine structure from China and India. The deckle of machine would be 90 inch and speed is designed at 450 m/m.” Mr. Sharma further informed.

This tissue production will be operated under new name of paper mill. “Our new plant will provide 50 to 70 direct employments in the region. We are also planning to enhance the production capacity in Friends Paper mills' Punjab unit by 30 TPD in six months.” Mr. Sharma said.    

Tissue paper convertors are also shifting to semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines to meet the envisaged surge in demand. The penetration of international brands like Paseo, Tempo, etc, has forced Indian convertors to revamp their packaging.

There is clearly a tough fight ahead for local tissue converters with the internationals. This is not to say that they will die; they won't, at least not the big ones. But they are clearly under attack. The challenge has been laid down.

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