PG Paper aims to go on 30 to 40 percent market share in India

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Browse the exclusive interview of Ms.Poonam Gupta, CEO of PG Paper Company Ltd. (UK) in context of Paper Trading & Manufacturing on Indian Soil.

“There is a place for international players to come and take a stake of Indian Market”

-Ms.Poonam Gupta, CEO at PG Paper Company Ltd (in above picture).

Established in 2003, PG Paper is an award-winning company, based in Scotland, UK. Created and driven by CEO Poonam Gupta OBE, the company has been led with strong values and ethics. Over the last few years, the company has grown rapidly, and is now one of Scotland’s biggest exporters.
PG Paper Company works across many local and previously unsought markets across the world. Around 85% of our exports go to our main markets in the Indian subcontinent, and PG Paper is constantly developing its presence in new markets across the world including North Africa, CIS countries and South America.
During Paperex South India 2018, The Pulp and Paper Times got the opportunity to meet up with Ms.Poonam Gupta. Here is a some excerpt from her interview.

Q. India is a big consumer of paper and large number of paper suppliers are exist to cater the demand. You as a Foreign Supplier of Paper, how do you see the Indian market for growth of your company?
India is actually growing exponential rate at the moment not just in paper and all other grade so we've been in Indian market now for over 15 years and we are still increasing our business so it's a very important market for us.
Q. In term of Quality and Price, how do you differentiate your paper products from Indian made paper?
Well, Obviously I would like to say that my paper is better but it's a competitive market and we compete with the manufacturers here. The Indian Paper Industry is generally a net importer of paper anyway; the quantity used in India is not actually produced in India so there is a place for international players to come and take a stake of the market which is the reason why we are here.
Q. Recently Ministry of Commerce has recommended Anti dumping duty on uncoated paper from three countries (China, Singapore and Thailand) the decision is pending with finance ministry, how do you evaluate the impact of ban on International Suppliers?
Well, PG Paper major supply comes from Europe and other countries other the ones you're talking about, so for us it will be obviously a chance to get a fair share of the market because these countries have pretty much zero percent duty we as European or American suppliers find it difficult to compete in this particular segment. But from what I Know there was some kind of hearing and this duty idea has been scrapped so I don't know what's happening in that, at that end right now, we are pretty sure that they'll be anti-dumping duties on Copier. We know the matter is pending with ministry, but last week we found out that this was thrown out by the Ministry that there is no duty being levied on A4 copier. Of course if there is any anti dumping levied, it will give the other countries a fairer chance in the market which we don't have at the moment. We hardly supply any copier paper at the moment in India Market.
Q. PG Paper is planning to Invest in India in paper manufacturing. What opportunity do you see in manufacturing segment?
Current Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi is really driving the 'Make in India' campaign. I'm an Indian by birth and think it's a good policy to Invest in Indian Market, like we said India is still a net importer paper so there are definitely opportunities in the manufacturing sector here and that's why we are actively looking to seek our investment in the paper industry in India.
Q. Can we understand that your investment in manufacturing of paper is somehow pushed from the China's decision of banning the import of waste paper?
No, I have been actually exploring this for last two years, so I don't see that as a dependency for what China is doing. PG Paper purpose of looking for manufacturing plants in India is simply to cater to the Indian domestic Market.
Q. What grade of paper you are looking to manufacturer in India?
We will primarily focus on packaging grade, that's the future. It won't be only Kraft paper production but different packaging grades like bleach Kraft and other grades which are used in pharmaceutical and other industry so when we are looking for this investment we are keeping our eyes open in any packaging segment not just craft paper.
Q. Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) is going to invest in India manufacturing almost 15,000 TPD papers of different grades. Do you think that your investment will be a 'safe game' as a big giant paper mill might turn the market mathematics?
We don't find any difficulties because there is huge market which is open for further investment. Its good actually, APP is setting up a plant here.
Q. What growth in packaging grades do you see for Indian Market?
It's hard to say especially in Indian market but by 2020, the packaging industry globally is supposed to grow to a trillion dollar mark. So obviously we want to take a little bit share of that.
Q. In next five year, what is PG Paper plan's to increase your market share?
I can only talk about my own global market right now. End of 2018, we should be on target of what we planned. We are looking to grow to 100 Million pound turnover.
Q. You are operating in India for last 15 years, what market share you own currently and is expected to increase in next five years?
Our market share in India is increasing by 10 to 15 percent; we are moving into the packaging industry in India and had a very good response from some manufacturers here, so I kind of look at pro rate increase in the Indian market share as I see for my global market share as well so Indian market share should also increase by 30 to 40 percent in next five years.

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