Raja Kraft Paper Mill Sets 30 percent Export Target

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Browse the new paper mill's export news, paper mill name: Raja Kraft Paper Mills LLP, Export percentage: 30 % of Total Kraft Paper Production.

Raja Kraft Paper Mill Sets 30% Export Target

Morbi | 07, December 2018 | The Pulp and Paper Times

Newly started kraft paper mill in morbi has set the target to export its 30 percent finished paper production to overseas market. Talking to The Pulp and Paper Times, Mr. Kishore Patel, Managing Partner of Raja Kraft Paper Mills LLP said that “we have already sent the consignment of four containers to Canada & China. Our high strength paper got good response from overseas buyers, pampering us to export our 30 percent production out of 200 TPD kraft paper manufacturing”

“We have invested Rs. 30 Cr. for state-of-art paper mill setup in Morbi to produce high BF kraft (16 to 32) paper of 120 to 300 GSM range. The demand in packaging segment will remain solid for next 10 to 15 years, which makes our investment a profitable venture. Domestically, finished product up to 16 BF is being sold in Rs. 23 per Kg, we are selling our paper above Rs 23 for higher BF” Mr. Patel explained.

Raja Kraft paper mills started its production from August 2018. Company has installed all the modern and up-to-date components to achieve high strength paper production on 3.7 meter deckle machine with speed of 300 m/min. plant and machinery has been supplied by SPM Engineers. “we have employed around 200 people to run the plant and as well installed ETP unit for water treatment” Mr. Kishore said.

This recycled fibre based mills is importing OCC11 grade waste paper at a price between 160 to 200 US Dollars per tonnes.  

The packaging industry plays a crucial role, adding value to various manufacturing sectors including agriculture, pharma, retail, FMCG, to name a few. Basically the market has been growing due to solid demand from food and pharma industries. The paper packaging market contributes more than 30% to overall packaging market share and dominates other packaging domains. 

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