India is producing not less than 25 Million Tonnes of Paper: Mr.Anil kumar

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Read the exclusive address of Mr. Anil Kumar, CEO of Shreyans Industries Ltd. and Mr.B.P. Thapiyal, Director of CPPRI during Paperex South India 2018 at Chennai

“India is producing not less than 25 Million Tonnes of Paper”

“The actual production data of paper in India is not clear as far as concern the 'Papers & Statistics' presented by the different big companies, Associations and Government's organisation like CPPRI (Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute). Statistics of paper production is hovering around to 18 or 19 Million Tonnes in India but if we believe to general consensuses, India has reached to 25 million tonnes actual paper production mark.” informed by Mr. Anil Kumar, CEO and ED of Shreyans Industry Limited, during the inauguration session of Paperex South India 2018 in Chennai (15 to 17th November).
Mr. Anil further described the situation arising out to massive paper production that “all our planning which is based on 19 million tonnes and we are talking about 6% growth -- goes wrong. The first step we need to take very consciously is to find out the actual paper production and once we reached the correct production figure, we as collectively design the right strategy to sort out our problems. Paper industry should re-look at the data collection mechanism for obtaining the correct figures.”


"Industry 4.0"

Paper and Paper board manufacturing has been revolutionised over the decades and invention in various areas have resulted and shaped out the industry into a modern process industry. The innovations in the area of process technology, automation and control, ecosystem and management have transformed the India paper industry, as a result, Industry utilises state-of-art fibre lines and paper machines to produce quality paper products. Advances in automation and control have also made it possible to collect data, analyze them and obtain guidance for optimisation of the processes.” Dr. B. P. Thapliyal, Director of CPPRI, said during the function.

Innovations and developments in the area of digitalization- smart equipment, products, network and connectivity are now getting ready to make the Industry of future, we also refer it as ‘Industry- 4.0’ . This is the vision of the future industry that will be characterized by the self organised intelligent ecosystems. All parts of the industry’s value chain that is raw material, process equipments, products and consumers will be built inter-connected clusters that will continuously send & receive information from each other. Integration of IT system including customers and suppliers across the value chain will improve information flow. The inputs received through the system will be used for advanced and predictive analytics, which in term improve maintenance and production activities by processing large amount of real-time signals varying efficiently on a real-time basis. With regard to ‘Industry 4.0’ the pulp and paper sector is still at a very early stage, it is building up strategic awareness to achieve the status of ‘4.0’ in a distant future.

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