Awareness is only key to have Effective “Waste Paper Collection System”

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Read the seminar news based on household paper recycling and its values in the context of save the environment.

Awareness is only key to have  Effective “Waste Paper Collection System” 

New Delhi | 19, Feb 2019, The Pulp and Paper Times

If Indian paper industry wants to avoid waste paper crisis and dependency on imported waste paper grades, we as an industry need to work collectively towards spreading the 'awareness' of waste paper recovery among the households. The waste paper collection system in India established today, had been prevailing in Japan 50 years ago. In the span of 50 years, paper recycling awareness has been injected deeply in citizen's DNA of Japan. Japan has touched to 80 percent paper recovery rate in 2015, as compared to India which is still oscillating between 27 to 40 percent according to various associations. 

The one day program on 'The establishment of paper recycling system in India' was organized with the participation of Japan Recovered Paper Association, Paper Recycling Promotion Centre, Japan Paper Association, CPPRI, IPMA, INMA and IARPMA and private waste paper collection companies. 

The collection structure of waste paper in India is too weak as compared to Japan.

“Japan's annual per capita paper consumption is 200 kg which is equal to seven 10-years old students' weight. Our recovery system works in multiple ways. Citizen's awareness and introducing a chapter on waste paper recovery system in the curriculum of 4th standard Children at school level helped Japan to achieve maximum recovery rate.” Mr. Keita Iwafuchi, Vice President of Japan Recovered Paper Association said during Indian side working group meeting. 

Mr. Kazuo Kai, General Manager, Engineering Division, Paper Recycling Promotion Centre said that “In Japan, you will find multiple waste paper collection points from Government side in residential societies, where you can drop used paper, magazines, books, newspapers and cardboards etc on a 'marked' day for each category. We run the paper collection program on multiple level viz.primary school, community and city level. Government of Japan also gives subsidy to the collection groups. We have also tied up with Supermarkets for providing paper collection space in their premises. People come there to deposit the waste paper and get the credit for purchasing of goods from super markets as incentives.         

“We enjoy our paper collection activity and perform it to all over Japan. We conduct lecture in schools for making post card using recovered paper and organize question-answers session among the students for awareness of paper collection system” Mr. Tomoaki Kimura, Manager of Japan Paper Association said.

In his presentation, Dr. Kawaljeet Singh from CPPRI said “India consumes 7.18 million tonnes (MT) writing & Printing paper while estimated paper recovery is 2.87 MT. On packaging grade, consumption is 10.31 MT and recovery is 6.18 MT, In Newsprint section, consumption is 2.62 MT and recovery is around 1.84 MT.”

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