Corrugated Wrap: Only Awareness, Push it on Indian house-hold list

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Read the Editorial, Topic: Packaging Trends in Demand, Editorial Month: March - April 2019 Issue of The Pulp and Paper Times.

Corrugated Wrap: Only Awareness, push it on Indian house-hold list

The new packaging trend is running globally – Corrugated Wrap. Wapping of anything in corrugated paper is become trendy in most of the developed countries. Our collective efforts for the awareness of Corrguted warp among eco-friendly consumer may emerge it as a house- hold name. 

The demand for corrugated wraps is expected to grow with the rise in the number of eco-conscious consumers, across the globe. One of the key trends observed among consumers today is a higher preference for sustainable packaging. A lot depends on consumer sentiments regarding the impact of a packaging solution on the environment. Therefore, over time, more brand owners are expected to use corrugated wraps for their products, which will increase the chances of impulse buying among eco-conscious consumers.  

Corrugated wrap around can reduce the amount of corrugated board used by up to 25%-30%. In addition, it provides savings in warehouse space and lower handling cost.

Corrugated wraps around are used for the packaging of bottles, cans, jars and various other products. Tightly wrapped cases enhance stacking capacity and help reduce damage caused by goods and products shifting during handling and shipping. For additional strength, partitions can be inserted into the corrugated wrap around. They are increasingly present in the retail-ready environment. Also, they provide good printability, so they are used as an effective solution for branding and promotion of products.

The global corrugated wrap is anticipated to grow on the backdrop of the global sustainable packaging market growth, during the next ten years, and beyond. The global corrugated wraps are manufactured using a variety of materials to suit various applications and markets. Moreover, manufacturers of corrugated wraps also offer custom services. The global corrugated wraps market can be applied on a variety of surfaces such as that of stainless steel, metal, cardboard, and glass, among others. Corrugated wraps cater to various end-use industries such as the food & beverages industry, and personal care & cosmetics industry, among others. Some of the key trends observed in the market are the use of soy-based inks and production of renewable paper & films with corn-based products. The growth of the global corrugated wraps market over the forecast period is hampered due to certain factors. For corrugated wraps to witness higher demand, more consumers need to be made aware regarding the advantages of sustainable packaging.

Some of the variety of folder wrap is well placed on Amazon and paytm mall. People are not only buying them but also blending it in their day to day life. 

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