Vishal Paper Mills to Produce Multi Layered Card Board Material for Packaging

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Read the expansion news, Paper Mill: Vishal Paper Mills, Kind of New Line: Multi-Layered Card Board.

Vishal Paper Mills to Produce Multi-Layered Card Board Material for Packaging

Malerkotla | 28 Feb 2019 | The Pulp and Paper Times:

“Cardboard is a multipurpose product that allows products of all sorts to be packaged and shipped economically and ecologically. Cardboard is lighter than wood (and in most cases plastic) and can be made from both wood pulp chips and recycled material. In turn, it is recyclable and biodegradable. The mechanical properties of cardboard come from its corrugated or crimped centre of from its thickness. It can be made in a wide variety of thicknesses to meet various specifications. Since it is robust and shock-resistant, keeping out light and dust, it can be used as bulk packaging for storage or transport, but also final packaging since it can be treated, coated and printed to make commercially attractive boxes,” explained by Mr. Krishan Mohan Gupta, Managing Director of Vishal Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd.

After being already engaged in duplex Board manufacturing, Vishal Paper has decided to deploy a separate multilayer Card Board line in the existing paper mill. “Yes, we have undergone to produce 100 TPD cardboard for different kind of boxes and other packaging solution. We are expected to start the commercial production by April or May 2019. The end use of cardboard is for boxes like a mobile box, sweet box and other boxes in heavy GSM range,” Mr. Gupta said.

Cardboard containers are the cheapest form of packaging which helps in reducing the final product price on account of bundling with packaging which in turn is expected to increase its demand for packaging purposes in medical instruments, food & beverages and household electronic appliances.

The product is biodegradable and recyclable and poses the least impact on the environment. Their environment-friendly nature is expected to increase their preference over their alternatives which include plastics and polymers.

“The construction is almost completed and Plant and Machinery erection work is scheduled to start. We are importing the plant and machinery from China to make 600 GSM to 2500 GSM cardboard. The deckle of the machine will 1.8 meters and speed is designed at 80 m/min,” Mr. Gupta informed. 

Over the decades, cardboard box manufacturing has been labour intensive. There has been significant progress in automating the manufacturing process. However, labor is still a vital for designing, machine operations, sales and management. Investment in technology is expected to increase, thus driving it towards being a capital intensive industry.

The global market is segmented on the basis of container dimension and usage which further include paperboard and corrugated cardboard. The small size boxes generally used for food and beverages packaging are termed as paper boards. Within the food and beverage industry, paper boards are widely used in confectionaries, cereals and ready to consume fruit drink packaging.

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