Nexa Papers' 150 TPD new manufacturing facility envisages High BF Kraft production

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Read the New Paper Mill News, Paper Mill: Nexa Papers LLP, Paper Quality to be Produced: High BF Kraft Paper.

Nexa Papers' 150 TPD New Manufacturing Facility Envisages High BF Kraft Production 

Morbi | 7th March 2019 | The Pulp and Paper Times: 

“The growing environmental concerns to use recyclable and degradable packages have led to a rise in the demand for Kraft papers. Kraft papers have a rising trend of manufacturing it through natural recycling which has though lesser strength than virgin natural craft paper, but it is more eco-friendly and still has enough strength to fill void applications,” explained by Mr. Vijaybhai Patel, Director at Nexa Papers LLP.

Yet another paper mill in Morbi (Gujarat) will add on capacity in kraft paper production, talking to The Pulp and Paper Times, Mr. Patel said “Yes, we are very soon to undergo High BF Kraft paper manufacturing at our new 150 TPD paper mill. We intend to export this paper as well keep for domestic sale. The import volume of paper and paperboard in China is rising in recent years and we take this trend as an opportunity, and our investment is expected to reap good return to us,” 

Nexa Papers is aiming to produce High BF Kraft paper between 120 and 300 GSM with 16 to 28 BF. 

“Our state-of-art production facility is designed to fulfil corrugators' demand for a quality paper. We haven't compromised in adopting modern techniques, equipment and machinery as it is a onetime investment that should go for a long time. We are expected to start the commercial production of kraft paper from April 2019, currently the plant and machinery installation is in full swing,” Mr. Patel informed.  

High BF Kraft uses for manufacturing of Carton boxes, determining the bursting factor of the corrugated boxes, the manufacturers can easily determine the durability of the corrugated boxes in external and internal impact conditions. It also helps the manufacturers to measure the extent to which the box can protect the products that are packed inside. By performing the bursting test on boxes, it becomes easy for the manufacturers to choose the right box for packaging that can easily protect the quality of the products that are packed inside.

“We procure the plant and machinery from the best supplier of the country, the deckle of the machine is 3.8 meter (Finished) and speed is decided at 300 m/m. We are also strictly following the environmental norms in order to make wood free paper,” Mr. Patel told.

The growing consumption of packaged food and consumer goods will boost the demand for paper packaging in the coming years. Suitability of corrugated boxes, cartons, and paper bags to pack a large variety of products from different end-use industries such as electrical & electronics, food & beverages, healthcare, homecare, building & construction, and tobacco, will create enormous growth opportunities in the global paper packaging market. Considering the high-growth opportunities arising from the e-commerce industry and a large number of packaging applications of paper packaging formats, most of the manufacturers of paper packaging solutions in the developed, as well as in developing economies, are planning to expand their production capacities.

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