Dev Prayag Paper to Enhance Duplex Board Capacity by 40 TPD

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Read the expansion news, Paper Mill Name: Dev Prayag Paper Pvt. Ltd., Expanding Paper Quality: Kraft Paper by 40 TPD.

Dev Prayag Paper to Enhance Duplex Board Capacity by 40 TPD

Allahabad | 7th March 2019| The Pulp and Paper Times:

Paper is considered as an index of a country's growth and development by virtue of their versatile utility ranging from lifesaving devices, convenient food packaging, writing and printing to alluring packaging designs. These applications cater to the fast-growing FMCG sector of Paper and Paper Board. In the coming 2-3 years the huge investment will be made in the FMCG sector. To cater the paper board demand Dev Prayag Paper mill has planned to enhance its duplex board manufacturing capacity by 40 TPD. 

Revealing the plan to The Pulp and Paper Times, Mr. Bharat Aggarwal, Managing Director of Dev Prayag Paper Mill Pvt. Ltd said that “ Yes, Management is planning to undergo the plant expansion from 80  to 120 TPD. We are sure to achieve the enhanced capacity by April,”

Duplex board consists of two layers, mostly made from waste paper pulp. It is used for packaging purposes. We are engaged in the trading of HWC (High Weight Coating) and LWC (Light Weight Coating) with White back and Greyback. We are also importing waste paper and boards, paper boards and kraft paper. Duplex Boards and Kraft Papers are used in packaging and printing industries.

“We have estimated to invest INR 20 Crore for the capacity enhancement comprising Size press, Bolier, Dryer & steam recovery system. We are expected to take the shutdown on 15 March for accommodating the critical components in the paper mill, which is being completed around 10th April,” Mr. Aggarwal said.

“After the expansion, our machine speed will go on 175 m/m from 130, while deckle will remain to 86 inch.

Duplex board is a cheaper version of whiteboard; it also provides different textures for printing. Used in food packaging as recycled materials cannot be used for this purpose. We have due to our focus on the quality of products, customization, process and service levels, and working with various well-known companies belonging to industries like engineering, automotive and others.

Mr. Aggarwal also hints a major expansion in Muzaffarnagar about 150 TPD kraft paper. “We are planning to undertake an expansion of 150 TPD Kraft Paper Production at Taj Paper unit in Muzaffarnagar, but it is too early to divulge any details right now. After 6 to 8 month we will be able to decide what kind of expansion it would be.” 

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