China & Africa, The Favourite Destinations For Paper Export: Parth Papers

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Read the new paper mill news, Paper Mill Name: Parth Papers LLP, Plant Location: Morbi, India, Paper Quality: Kraft Paper.

China & Africa, The Favourite Destinations For Paper Export: Parth Papers

Morbi | 26 January 2019 | The Pulp and Paper Times: 

Demand for Recycled Corrugated Boxes Continues to Surge – The FMI study finds that nearly 80% of the corrugated boxes sold in 2018 were made from recycled material. Demand for recycled corrugated boxes is estimated to grow annually at 4.4% in 2019, with the status-quo likely to continue throughout the forecast period. Recyclability continues to be a focus area for both manufacturers and end-users. Sensing the changing preferences, manufacturers are adopting sustainable raw materials in the manufacture of corrugated boxes.

“Numerous players of Kraft paper manufacturing are investing in research and development activities to gain a competitive edge over their rivals in the kraft paper market. Analysts also see some well-entrenched players focusing on sustainable packaging solutions made from kraft paper. We have invested in the latest technology to come at par of international quality. We are looking forward to exporting 25 percent production to China and African countries. Although our paper production got started last year but it took time to capture the export quality paper,” explained by Mr. Shailesh Patel, Managing Director, Parth Papers LLP.

Parth Papers LLP, a 150 TPD Kraft paper plant started in May 2018, is planning to export the paper. “At the point of starting the plant, it was not a wise decision to start exporting the paper, we had to study all the dimension of export like quality, order procurement and other information related to products. Now we are expected to start sending the shipment in next 2 or 3 months,” Mr. Patel Said.

PLC based highly Automatic Paper plant supplied by N.K.R. Engineers, Parth Papers is manufacturing 100 to 300 GSM packaging paper with 16 to 21 BF. The deckle of the machine is 4.2 meter and speed is designed at 250 m/min.

Paper packaging market is a traditional market. It contributes more than 30% to overall packaging market share and dominates other packaging domains. In 2016 the overall market size of paper packaging was estimated to be $243 Billion and forecasted to reach $450 Billion by 2027.  The paper packaging market is estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 7%.  

“We are targeting to expand our capacity by 150 TPD totalled 300 TPD in the next two years. Our purpose is to provide high RCT paper to corrugators for better results,” Mr. Patel informed. Parth Paper is providing employment to 250 people in the region and following all the environmental norms by setting ETP. 

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