'Quality is our Mantra; Double Wire High Speed Machine To Produce 130 TPD Export Grade Paper' Ravish Paper

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Read the new paper mill news, paper mill: Ravish Paper LLP, location: Morbi, Gujarat.

'Quality is our Mantra; Double Wire High-Speed Machine To Produce 130 TPD Export Grade Paper': Ravish Paper Mill

Morbi | 4 June 2019 | The Pulp and Paper Times: 

The distribution of 7000 Paper bags among the guests and dignitaries for keeping the water bottle at the oath-taking function of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is a clear gesture to the country that Government is all set to take India on Green path. “Plastic bags have been less and less in demand, and more customers have moved to paper, so that's changed the paper market, and it's due to the public perception of all these stories and pictures of bags floating around in the ocean.” Explained by Mr. Dharmendra S Patel (in above pic), Partner of new paper mill Ravish Paper LLP.

Situated at Ghuntu near Morbi, Ravish Paper mill seems to look excited about the buoyancy in Paper bag market and packaging sector. “From converting line to Paper Production, it's our big decision to move into paper manufacturing also to explore the whole supply chain. We are very much optimistic to have good return on our investment for paper mill. We are about to invest Rs. 40 crore for producing export quality 130 TPD kraft paper suitable for Paper bag and other packaging solution,” Mr. Patel told.

“We already have a 5 ply automatic corrugation unit and coating machine which make us understand the quality of paper require by corrugators. We prioritise quality first as our aim is to export the paper to the overseas market,” Mr. Patel said.

Ravish Paper has imported all the latest and modern plant and machinery from a Chinese supplier, “Our project is a completely turnkey project executed by a Chinese supplier, we procure double wire high-speed machine to manufacture 80 to 200 GSM paper with 16 to 40 BF. We believe in quality and committed to confronting the competition,” Mr. Patel informed.

Currently, the erection of plant and machinery is under process and final trial of paper production is expected to take on in August 2019. “We choose Chinese supplier not only for fast delivery of plant & machinery but also good durability compared to Indian Machinery. We will also install a scanner for quality control. We have machine's deckle 3.4 meters (Finished) and speed is designed at 300 m/min,” Mr. Patel disclosed.

Ravish Paper will generate 100 to 120 direct employment in the region. “Out of total paper production, we will spare 30 to 40 percent for the export market. Once our trial production starts, we will execute marketing activities on a mass level,” Mr. Patel said.

On the question of further expansion in Ravish Paper after being commissioned the mill, Mr. Patel inform that yes we have constructed the building to accommodate two lines (Machine), our planning is to install another paper machine in the span of one year.

Ravish Paper monthly consumes 1500 tonnes of paper under its converting unit and is expected to consume in-house production from its paper mill also.

Paper bags are usually made of kraft paper and are commonly used as shopping bags. Paper bags are usually made of paper pulp or at times they can be produced from recycled paper. Paper bags are better alternatives to non-disposable plastic bags, owing to increasing environmental concerns associated with use of plastic bags on a large scale globally.

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