2.7 Crore New Paper Consumers, Print Media Still Dominates

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Read the news based on India Readership Survey conducted on the Print Media by the government.

2.7 Crore New Paper Consumers, Print Media Still Dominates  

New Delhi | 4 May 2019 | The Pulp and Paper Times: 

Recently released Indian Readership Survey (IRS) Q1 2019 shows that Indian Paper Industry has very blossom future. Almost 2.7 crore new readers brought Print Magazine and any News Dailies between 2017 and 2019. “The demand for writing and printing paper is sure to increase in the years to come. We welcome to all new readers to support Indian Paper Industry indirectly and continue to consume a million tonnes of paper in the shape of magazine and Newspaper,” A paper manufacture told.

As the IRS Q1 2019 data was unveiled in Mumbai on 26 April 2019, magazine publishers would have pumped their fist in the air and indulged themselves for the first time in years. The study, which claims to be the largest of its kind, has announced that magazine readership has grown by 0.9 crores in the period between IRS 2017 and the latest round. The findings are even more impressive when one considers the larger pie of daily readership that has added 1.8 crore readers.  

India Today English, India's most-read magazine, has recorded a remarkable upsurge in readership, adding 11.6 lakh readers in the last one year, according to the latest Indian Readership Survey (IRS). 

“The growing readership indicates that NEWS on paper is the first preference of the people and the size of increased readership may be double in the next IRS survey,” An Industry Expert said.

Among the general news magazines in English, Outlook has 17.6 lakh readers (up from 15.17 lakh) and The Week has 16.34 lakh readers (up from 13.12 lakh). Ashish Bhasin, Chairman, MRUC and CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network said, "The print story continues to grow with the total number of readers increasing to 42.5 crores from 40.7 crores, thanks to rising literacy rates and disposable income. The dailies have added 1.8 crore additional readers since IRS 2017, while magazines added 90 lakh readers." He added that the country has active Internet users of 384 million and it is growing significantly.

“I think that as long as there are people who derive satisfaction from tactile connections to the written work—newspapers and books—there will be a market for printed newspapers. Every morning, my newspaper is waiting for me in the driveway, but, at the very same moment I reach down to pick it up, my phone buzzes with a bulletin from the online newspaper with an update or a breaking news story. Does that cause me to discontinue my print subscription? No, not at all,” A readers told.

According to the IRS 2019 Q1 data, released by the Media Research Users Council, 39% of India read daily broadsheet in last one month as per the recently released Indian Readership Survey for Q1 of 2019. It was 39% in 2017 too, however, the number of absolute readers have grown from 40.7 crores in 2017 to 42.5 crore in Q1 2019. The penetration of dailies in urban India remained the same as it was in 2017 — 53%. However, in rural India, it grew from 31% to 32%.

“If we estimate that a magazine average weight is around 200 to 250 grams and multiply this figure to 0.9 crore new readers of Magazine, look at the size of paper consumption. If this trend continues, we need to have more paper manufacturing facilities to fulfil the demand,” A Paper Trader explained.

“2.7 Crore new readership means to us a collection of tonnes of waste paper. IRS Q1 shows that Urban Readership increased multifold and more readers generate more waste magazine & newspaper which to be collected. We need to improve our collection systems to strengthen the recovery rate of waste paper in India which is still hovering around 27 per cent,” waste paper collection company said. 

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