Noida Authority Imposes Rs. 21 Lakh Fine on Sandeep Paper Mill for Sewage Norms Violation

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Read the news based on fined imposed on Sandeep Paper Mills Ltd by Pollution Control Board.

Noida Authority Imposes Rs. 21 Lakh Fine on Sandeep Paper Mill for Sewage norms violation

Delhi | 12 July 2019 | The Pulp and Paper Times:

The strictness of Government on following the environmental norms by the paper mills, regarding discharging untreated effluents in the water must attract heavy fine to you. The Noida Authority imposed a fine of Rs 21 lakh on Sandeep Paper Mill for flouting sewage treatment plant (STP) solid norms and non-compliance with waste management (SWM) rules.

Sandeep Paper mill situated in sector 6, has been fined for discharging untreated effluent in storm water drainage, as well as emitting emissions without effective scrubbing of gases released from the boiler.

Mr.Omendra Srivastava, the chief advisor to Noida Authority’s Swachh Bharat Mission initiatives, said, “Our inspection found a disaster was waiting to happen at the mill. The factory was packed till roof with raw materials with the suffocating environment within.”

“While its STP was partly functioning, its paper grinding crushing plant of 70 metric tonne capacity was overstressed and performing at 120 metric tonne capacity. Its effluent treatment plant was found to be discharging black untreated paper slurry directly into drains, leading to groundwater contamination,” he said.

Mr.Rajesh Kumar Singh, OSD to Noida Authority, said, “Compliance of SWM Rules 2016 is mandatory for everyone and those found flouting the same will be penalized.”

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