Paper Industry Commits to Contribute in Doubling the Farmer’s Income on 2nd Paper Day

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Read the news coverage of the paper event, Event Name: Paper Day, Event Date: 1 Aug 2019, Organised by Federation of Paper Traders Association of India.

Paper Industry Commits to Contribute in Doubling the Farmer’s Income on 2nd Paper Day

New Delhi | 1 August | The Pulp and Paper Times:

The centre Government’s promise of doubling of countries’ farmers’ income by 2022, Paper Industry looks keen to contribute in this initiative. “Paper Industry is already giving a handsome income to farmers through social forestry. We are collectively committed to increase the green cover in the country. Paper industry has been urging the government to provide degraded land of India to paper mills, so that farm forestry can be promoted thus empowering the farmers. No paper mill in India is cutting down a single tree in the forest for paper making; we are fulfilling our wood pulp requirement from Social forestry and Imports. Millions of trees have been planted across India by paper mills, creating a clean environment and money for farmers,” Said Mr. A.S. Mehta, President, J.K. Paper during the celebration of 2nd Paper Day at Delhi.

Organised by Federation of Paper Traders of India (FPTA), 2nd Paper Day was celebrated all across India through 36 associations of FPTA on 1st August. The aim behind the celebration of Paper Day is to create awareness about Paper, Paper is promoting literacy, health and hygiene in the country and one should embrace paper in his day to day life.

Speaking at the function, chief guest, Mr. Praveen Khandelwal, National Secretary General, CAIT said that “We can’t ignore the presence of digitization in the modern era. In fact, Next 3 to 5 years, if any trader is not using digital techniques in his business, he will be out of the trade,”

Addressing the gathering, Mr, J.P. Narayan, CEO of Century Pulp & Paper said “This has been proved by various surveys that people prefer print medium to read books rather than to go for digital,” He also points out the present problem of Paper Industry like Water scarcity and pulp shortage. He stressed out on the low level of per capita consumption of Paper in India, which is at 13 kg per year per person. We need to increase the per capita consumption via awareness and using the digital medium to promote the paper.

"For doing so, just as we need to actively counter the present attempt at condemning paper as an environmentally unfriendly product, all of us have to jointly and actively promote and help enhance the usage of paper in our daily life," Said Mr. Sajjan Kr. Goenka, President- FPTA

“Today, India accounts for 1.6% of world paper and cardboard production, which is 13 million tons. The share of pulp and paper industry in the country’s GDP is about 2%,” FPTA’s paper said.

The celebration was also addressed by Mr. P.S Patwari, President-INMA, Dr. R.C. Rastogi, President-IARPMA, Pramod Agarwal, President- IARPMA, M.K. Goyal, Secretary- IPPTA, Sajjan Kr. Goenka, President- FPTA, Satypal Gupta, Convener and past President- FPTA.

Chief Guest, Dr. Ashwani Mahajan, National Co-convener of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch has also addressed the mass gathering.

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