A New Paper Mill in Vijayawada engages in Kraft Paper Production

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Read New Paper Mill news, Paper Mill: Arka Ganpati Papers, Location:Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh) India.

A New Paper Mill in Vijayawada Engages in Kraft Paper Production

Vijayawada | 01 June 2019 | The Pulp and Paper Times: 

E-commerce and retail box packaging is increasing day by day, India is witnessing a sustainable growth in the production of kraft paper.  “Being eco-friendly and having the recycling symbol on your packaging can help increase the sales of your product as the world is now realizing the importance of the environment and why it must be protected,” explained by Mr. Sanjeev Reddy, Managing Director of newly started paper mill Arka Ganpati Papers to The Pulp and Paper Times.

Situated at Jangareddygudem, Vijayawada; Arka Ganpati has rolled out the first kraft paper reel on 30th May.“ Yes, we have started 80 TPD quality kraft paper productions in the region and are proud to have connected with paper industry. We have set up a semi automatic plant with total investment of Rs. 15 crore. Kraft paper is future and packaging is becoming back bone for all industries. Nevertheless, Investment in paper segment is more likely in safe hand,” Mr. Reddy said.

Arka Ganpati’s is aiming to produce paper for corrugation industry as end application. “Corrugated packaging boxes are increasingly being used by industries and organizations across different verticals. These boxes boast of high-technology construction and premium grade material, which makes them ideal for packaging and shipping. In fact, an increasing number of companies are realizing that corrugated boxes are environmentally sustainable and safe,” Mr. Reddy told.

“We have purchased complete plant and machinery from N.K.R. Engineers, Ahmedabad; NKR’s trust value and their quick ‘after sale service’ have inclined us to select them. We have installed all critical components to achieve the quality paper. Our production target is to manufacture 100 to 200 GSM paper with 18 to 24 BF,” Mr. Reddy informed.

Arka Ganpati will sale its finished papers in domestic market. “We don’t have full knowledge of export of paper so it won’t be wise decision to export paper. Our machine deckle is 4 meter and speed is designed at 200 m/min,” Mr. Reddy said.

A growing number of packaging companies in Mumbai are turning to corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons as it helps in keeping products stable and also provides the right amount of cushioning. These boxes are perfect for transporting items over long distances as well as also come handy during handling and shipping. Depending upon their requirements and the level of protection required for keeping the products safe, businesses can opt for corrugated cardboards available in different sizes as well as thickness. In addition to the above, corrugated boxes are capable of resisting moisture, which further help in keeping the products safe during long distance transportation and shipping.

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