“Boardroom is the Right Place to Resolve the Tariff Issue with Paper Manufacturers”:IPAMA

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Read the an exclusive interview of Mr. S. Dayakar Reddy, President IPAMA conducted by The Pulp and Paper Times.

“Boardroom is the Right Place to Resolve the Tariff Issue with Paper Manufacturers”:IPAMA

Indian Printing, Packaging and Allied Machinery Manufacturers' Association (IPAMA), founded in 1988 and was registered in Delhi in 1991. IPAMA is an independent organisation serving the needs of the Printing, Packaging and Allied Industries in a rapidly changing marketplace. IPAMA is dedicated to disseminating information on the state of the technology, market perspectives and various developments taking place around the world, relevant to the Indian Printing, Packaging, Converting and Allied Machinery manufacturing. Indian standards for Printing, Packaging and Allied Industry, under the aegis of Bureau of Indian Standards, IPAMA played a very vital role in formulating standards for Indian products related to Printing and Packaging Industry.

The Pulp and Paper Times got the opportunity to meet Mr. S. Dayakar Reddy, President IPAMA during the Print Pack exhibition at Greater Noida. We discussed the various issues of printing and converting industry as well as the issue connected to the Paper Industry. The conversation unfolds the deep inside of the all dimension of paper, printing and corrugation segment. Here are the some excerpts of his Interview:   

Q. How do you see the Paper Demand in India and how it is going to grow in future?, and secondly Some Printers and Corrugators association have raised the issue of paper price hike by the paper mills due to China Export, Do you think in coming months the availability of Paper will be scary in India? 

This is a very scary situation in the Industry today, Last six seven months, I have been trying to contact Indonesia's paper Traders. I had travelled more than three to four countries to bring the paper traders and manufacturers in Print Pack Exhibition. Everywhere is the same scenario. We feel Indonesia is one of the largest producing paper country still they have situation like India, In fact, The Indonesian Print Media President was here in our inauguration, have the same complaint. He said “Our Indonesian paper is not sufficient, we wanted to import paper from India”. So it's a very scary situation and we are really needed to work on other finished paper raw material otherwise according to me next 10 to 12 years we will have very tough time to run the industry.

Q. How do you see the quality of paper produced by Indian Paper Mill? Do you think it is standard paper for printing and corrugation end use?

Quality is not an issue, We have a good paper mills in India but only the thing is 'Tariffs', that is a big worry, I think Paper people also should think that printers and converters are having their own issue and we need to amicably settle all those things and we need to go together otherwise if you leave the hand with the next end-user it will be a big problem.

Q. How IPAMA will resolve the 'Tariff' issue with paper manufacturers?

A. IPAMA has been in touch with all paper manufacturers and we invited them to come in IPAMA, this is where the federation come into the picture. Let's see, now we are talking in quotes but if we have a federation, we will talk in a boardroom and try to resolve the issue.  This is our main intention, I have contacted all the four, five paper Manufacturers Association, let's hope, they will join our federation activity for the big success of the printing segment.

Q. Converting and Packaging Industry have growing market in terms of Sale. In this context What Demand you expect in the next decade?

You could talk about packaging and Label Industry, when you talk about the across the world, the penetration level of saturation is 81 percent; they have only scope of 19 percent. For India, penetration is 19 percent at the moment, so we have 81 percent growth chance, so that is the reason we added label industry in Print Pack 2019.

Q. What are the Printing and Converting Industry grievances in concerned to the Government? How government is responding to them?

We are working with Government on the same page via CII, PHD chamber of Commerce and MSME. We have many issues and been in constant touch with Mr. Suresh Prabhu also.

Government wants export orders and Small Scale Industry (SSI) segment cannot be offered the export promotional activities so we have been saying Government that 2 percent of export benefit is very small or nothing, if I want to go Sri Lanka, I have to shell out thousand dollars and if I come with empty hand then there's nothing to loose. So government has to give certain good relaxation to exporters. We are also requesting government and MSME to set up training centres across the country where our products are acceptable.     

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