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Barrier Coating Technology for Paper & Paperboard

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Browse the Technical Article, Article Topic: Barrier Coating Technology for Paper, Developed by: Michelman.

Barrier Coating Technology for Paper & Paperboard

The Indian government continues to show its commitment to supporting greener packaging solutions by making recyclability, downsizing, and down gauging top priorities for both Indian manufacturers and the multinational companies present here. The recent plastic ban regulation provides an excellent opportunity for the creation of paper and paperboard-based packaging solutions. There are several challenges in using paper for packaging, including poor barrier properties. The porous nature of paper prevents its use in food packaging because food requires high barrier properties to prevent spoilage. Improving paper's barrier properties is a crucial step in increasing its viability as a packaging material, and improved moisture, gas, water, oil, and grease barrier technology can help overcome the limitations of paper packaging. 

Water-based Coatings for Paper & Paperboard Packaging

With the push towards sustainability, repulpability, and recyclability, water-based technologies for paper are gaining acceptance. Because water-based coatings are recyclable and repulpable, they are an alternative solution to current wax, PE extrusion coating, and film lamination techniques. The packaging combines the best aspects of two materials: environmentally friendly paperboard and barrier properties of water-based coatings. Coatings offer paperboard packaging improved water barrier for seafood, fruits, and deep freeze applications like ice cream tubs and frozen food. These coatings also provide excellent print receptivity and can even enhance the aesthetics of the product.

Coatings as a replacement to PE in Paper cup 

The coating of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) or wax inhibits the recycling of current paper cups. Water-based barrier technology eliminates the plastic lining in paper cups while easing the recycling and repulping process. It also provides excellent water, oil, and grease resistance with a very high seal strength. Michelman has successfully tested this innovation for hot, cold, and deep freeze applications. 

 An Alternative to Plastic Bags

Coatings increase barrier and even impart heat seal properties to paper, thereby eliminating the use of adhesives in the bag manufacturing process. Moreover, there are food compliant coating options available, and all are wholly recyclable and repulpable.

Coatings for Oil & Grease Resistance Paper and Paperboard

Coatings can also impart oil and grease resistance to paper, which is excellent functionality for disposable take away boxes, most commonly used in restaurants, sweet boxes, and seafood applications, etc.

 Michelman Innovation Centre For Coatings (MICC)

India’s growth, entrepreneurship, speed of business, and incredible talent are all reasons why it opened the Michelman Innovation Centre for Coatings (MICC) last year.  Every day they look forward to solving India’s challenges and opportunities in the packaging industry. These include enhancing food shelf life, creating recyclable packaging, developing unique packaging structure design, improving graphics, and helping design package recovery & end of life scenarios. Their holistic approach of dedicated space, collaborative innovation, and technology allow all members of the packaging value chain, including brand owners, film producers, and converters to access the tools needed to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

Dedicated Space

The Centre allows for hot tack testing, Gelbo testing, and has an Ultrasonic Stirrer. Although equipped with four Mocon®s for OTR/MTVR testing, the centerpiece is a dual-station pilot coater laminator that allows packaging manufacturers to test new concepts without stopping their production lines. 

Collaborative Innovation

Businesses can collaborate with Michelman’s technical experts to become Plastic Waste Management compliant. Their current initiative is helping the region replace the non-recyclable polyethylene lamination of paper cups with recyclable/repulpable water-based coatings.  Technology for India

India’s current direction is to keep packaging products environmentally friendly and ban the usage of toxic material. Michelman offers water-based technology optimized for India’s ever-changing packaging market. 

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