An Indian Engineering Company Makes Technical Collaboration with Czech Giant Papcel

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Browse the Technical Collaboration News, Joint Venture Between JMC Papertech Pvt. Ltd and Papcel a.s. in context of Sell & Service of Paper Machinery in India.

JMC Papertech Signs a Technical Collaboration with Czech Giant Papcel

Presently Papcel a.s is operating in India through subsidiary Papcel Pulp and Paper technology Private limited since 2013. It is growing year on year on sustainable basis. With the experience of more than half a decade and observing the potential in India and near by market, Papcel decided to strengthen the Indian organisation in terms of Engineering, Sales, Supply Chain Management activities in coming years. Papcel Pulp and Paper Technology Private limited had carried out Engineering work for Silent drive modification for International Paper APPM and it is running successfully. Papcel have started receiving repeated orders from esteemed organisation.

India is one of the fastest growing economy and its GDP is in the range of 7.3%. It is expected to increase in many folds in coming years. Indian market is booming, it has been evaluated an approximate 500 Mn Euro investment in Pulp and Paper Industry every year is needed as investment to meet the growing demand of various grades of Paper and Board. This investment would be to enhance the performance of existing machine in terms of capacity, improve the quality, Utility input (power, steam, water) reduction, save fibre, as well as installation of few new paper and board mills of high capacity. With the general election coming to final stage, India is expected to have further strong growth in all sectors including the Paper Industry.

Papcel is very much focused on the quality of the product, faster delivery and cost competitive price. In coming years, Papcel decided to make India as manufacturing hub, for India, nearby country as well as global market over a span of 3 years. Necessary steps to increase the human resources are underway. Step towards achieving their goals, Papcel have associated with JMC Paper Tech Private Limited with a long-term vision of achieving greater heights in coming years together. Workshop facility in JMC will be equipped with state of art and equipment and space for additional production capacity. In coming years, it has been decided to expand the Workshop further in the same location. Location of workshop and access to the seaport is one of the keys to decide Papcel would focus to develop India as global manufacturing hub in coming years with this association. Papcel Associate, M/s. JMC is taking part in the renovation of Nepa Paper Machine in terms of service activities like Dismantling & Erection. Synergies among the associates are in executing the projects in EPC basis as well maintaining long term business relationship with the cluster members across the globe. Both the organisation is looking forward for new era and serve Pulp and Paper Industry in India as well as Global Mar

A Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed, which will be the basis of our joint success not only in India. JMC is a paper machine manufacturer based in Gujarat, India, near Mumbai. Approximately 120 workers work on an area of 10,000 m2.

The aim of the collaboration will be to increase the technical level of JMC and, thanks to lower production costs in India, significantly increase sales of our machines in India's promising market. 

By working with PAPCEL, they will acquire a partner who respects our knowledge and experience. By manufacturing equipment in India, we will offer customers a better price and thus increase our competitiveness. We expect to increase significantly the sale of type machines. Mutual cooperation will start in the markets of India but will gradually expand to other territories of Asia. Our goal is to create a base in India that will manage all customer relationships in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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