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We need to Stop the Import of the Paper by manufacturing it enough: Om Birla

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Find the inaugural address of Mr.Om Birla, Speaker of Lokh Sabha (Government of India) during 58th AGM of Federation of Paper Traders' Association of India.

“We need to Stop the Import of the Paper by manufacturing it enough”: Om Birla

New Delhi | 21st September 2019 | The Pulp and Paper Times: 

“We need to stop the import of the Paper by manufacturing it enough. Our purpose should be to export it,” said Mr. Om Birla, Speaker of Lokh Sabha and Chief Guest of the function during the 58th Annual General Meeting of Federation of Paper Traders Associations of India (FPTA) at New Delhi.

The AGM witnessed participation from various dignitaries from the paper industry across India; including representatives from paper traders, paper mills and media professionals.

“Paper has a significant role in India and rest of the world, but still Paper Industry in our country is struggling under stiff competition imposed from overseas market and latest technology used by international suppliers,” Said by Mr. Om Birla. 

Mr. Birla also takes concern of Paper Industry’s problems from its President and assures the paper community to convey the problems to the Government prominently.  

“FPTA is using social media to spread out the paper awareness; our companion name 'Voice of Paper' is receiving tremendous responses from all across the world. We have also insisted to honorable Prime Minister to declare 'Paper Day' as National Paper Day,” Said Mr. Sajjan Kumar Goenka, President FPTA. 

“Paper Industry has become so defensive in order to save our stand that Paper is not polluting the environment, we plant trees but we shouldn't be defensive and discuss it with the society that we contribute more for society and nation. We create greenery, employment and so many things for the country. We should feel proud of it,” described by Mr. A.S. Mehta, President of JK Papers   

“Paper Industry does 2.5 lakhs acres of plantation every year. Government of India has a heavy budget for plantation in India, but they only do half of the plantation in comparison of paper industry,” Mr. Mehta informed. 

He discloses that “A survey conducted by the Government of India has revealed that 'Green Cover' in India has increased by one percent which stood at 23 percent five years back. This increase of 'Green Cover' only happened because of 'Trees out of Forest' planted by Paper Industry,”

Mr. Sajjan further informed the gathering about the FPTA's steps towards GST simplification, “We have suggested to the council to implement a single GST tax rate of 12 percent for all the paper and paper products. FPTA has submitted a white Paper over 'One Chapter One Tax' tax regime. 

“Mr. Goenka recommends all the traders to avoid the overtrading and control the Credits when the market conditions are not favorable. 

Mr. Madhukar Mishra, Managing Director of Star Paper Mills, stressed on the importance of paper in India, “Paper industry along with Jute and Textile are responsible for industrialization in India. When digital medium didn't exist, the paper was the only medium to disseminate the news and education. Even though we live in digital era, it is difficult to imagine life without Paper,”

Mr. Mehta suggests the paper traders that “GST is being rationalized, and incoming time, we need to be far more complying to all regulation. Time has gone for 'black' accounting in the business. If we don't comply and violate the laws, we will be spending more unproductive time on defending it before the Authorities,”

During the address, the dignitaries raised their concerns about the issues related to the GST, import duty, HSN Code, trade. 

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