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“Lighter GSM Kraft Paper will have Sustainable Growth”: Munish Bansal

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Browse the short discussion with Mr.Munish Bansal, Director at Siddharth Papers Limited over current issues and paper market scenario in India.

“Lighter GSM Kraft Paper will have Sustainable Growth”: Munish Bansal

Exclusive conversation with Mr.Munish Bansal, Director of Siddharth Papers Pvt. Ltd. Over the current paper scenario in India. Watch Full Video Interview on “ThePulpandPaperTimes” YouTube Channel.

India generates 6K tonnes 'single-use' plastic waste every day; Alternative Paper Products are going to invite huge Capacities in Paper Industry. How Paper Mills are ready to take up this challenge?

We must first evaluate overall demand as well as industrial growth; all the economical factors are going through the slowdown. The government is not willing to frame any policy for reviving the slowdown. The ban on single-use plastic will surely generate a positive impact on the paper industry, especially those paper mills running on lower GSM production.

Lower GSM range of paper may replace single-use plastic up to some extent. It will prove beneficial. 

But, We at Siddarth Papers, are operating on heavy GSM, which will not be viable for us to shift our production on lower GSM. Our production capacity will be reduced if we run our machine for lighter GSM.

Do you see any new trends in Paper Manufacturing?

Technological developments and continuous modification in plant and machinery are the only keys to unlock the profitability in the paper business. There has been a fast development in packaging and printing lines, we can't survive unless matching our production standards to end consumer's parameters.

Is Siddharth Papers going through any expansion?

We have installed a calendar system to improve paper quality like smoothness and flatness. Also, we are coming up with a major expansion; we have ordered a shoe press to increase production and improving the quality of the paper. The equipments have been already reached to the plant, soon we will take a shutdown for installation.

Recently, we have converted our kraft paper production into the duplex board. We are in the phase of being established in this conversion. Once the production gets settled down, we will think for the next level of expansion. 

Yes, in the near future, we have a plan of forward integration for the next generation. We have a plan in mind, not on paper; it will take a year at least for any concrete step.

What is the GSM range of your paper products?

We have two paper production facilities. One plant manufactures 180 to 260 GSM and other produces 260 to 560 GSM.

Many foreign paper giants like APP and Nine Dragons are finding their paper market in India. How do you assess market dynamics after their establishment?

The government should harass the paper import, otherwise, local industry will suffer. We are still struggling to survive, so how can we think about others? Policies are being made via big business houses. The government is not thinking about the small businessman. 

What is the current situation of raw material for the paper industry?

Nowadays, imports of waste paper is very economical, which is good for the paper industry. 

What growth do you see in Kraft Paper Segment?

I can't project the growth of kraft paper at this point of time, but surely there will be a sustainable growth for lighter GSM Kraft paper used for carry bags and envelops. 

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