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Yash Papers is now 'Yash Pakka' Packaging with a Soul

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Find the development news of Yash Papers Limited, India.

Yash Papers is now 'Yash Pakka' Packaging with a Soul

Ayodhya | 2nd November | The Pulp and Paper Times:

Diversification for sustainable growth is the core of any business. Time to time adaptation of Market trends and technological development transform a company into a profitable venture. “Though the division suffered losses, we were quick to identify the key areas of challenges and addressed them in short order to enhance our capacity utilization from 30% during the year under review to 52% this year. Capacity utilization beyond 50% makes the business profitable and with the current 75% capacity utilization we are poised to emerge profitable this year,” Mr. Ved Krishna, Executive Vice Chairman of Yash Pakka Ltd said in Annual Reports for FY 18-19. 

Mr. Krishna further said that “We are strengthening our focus on innovation and investing in people and processes to lead the innovation activities of the coming years. We are collaborating with a number of global institutions to develop newer products. Towards this end, we have tied up with a Sweden-based organization for the development of high strength paper for bags. We are using weak fibre to make high strength paper. We have invented 40 GSM paper with 35 BF out of bagasse pulp, it is also water, grease and oil resistant. Further, we collaborated with Melodea of Israel to develop products with a better barrier coating and TIPA from Israel to develop compostable films for barrier application, like noodle packaging,”

“The paper business will be focussing on the domestic market as there is significant scope for bags in the market. With the government mandating that branded paper bags cannot be charged by retail stores, we will also be able to sell unbranded bags. We will be focussing on value addition and conversion and even move to flexible packaging in the coming years,”

“We are thinking out of the box to create packaging solutions which are easily compostable, even at home,” Mr. Krishna said.

Focus for Next five years: 

“The focus for the next five years for the Company is on moving from paper manufacturing to providing solutions for food servicing and packaging. We are focusing on significantly growing our molding business and focusing on the US market which is the largest market for foodservice solutions,” 

“We intend to become the OEM producer of choice in that market and accordingly are setting up a dedicated marketing arm focussed on the US market. The US market is presently sourcing their requirements from China and we will be focussing on creating a presence for ourselves there. We are rebranding ourselves along these lines to reach our customers effectively,” Mr. Krishna explained in the report.

Yash Papers is moving towards strong positioning of value-added compostable products, attracting higher margins and answering the big question of sustainable packaging. Globally, plastic packaging is wreaking havoc on the environment and the solution lies in creating packaging solutions that are easily compostable and don't require specialized processing facilities.

“We have a strong focus on R&D and Innovation. There is a dedicated team that works on various domains including bags, flexible packaging, fibre development, pulping improvement and waste utilisation. The team is finding various solutions that would see the light of the day in times to come, Mr. K.D. Pudumjee, Chairman of Yash Papers said in Annual Report.

“We closed 2018-19 with a record topline owing to robust capacity utilization of our paper mill and reported an attractive bottomline despite a INR 7.86 crore loss in the tableware business. Though the industry has slowly started facing challenges, we expect to grow strongly based on our specialized products with a higher degree of value-addition. We strongly believe that we are poised for superior future growth,” Mr. Krishna informed.

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