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bakırköy escortbahçeşehir escortşişli escort Kuantum Papers will Streamline Distribution Supply Chain; Achieved Production of 1,27,756 MT in FY 18-19 || The Pulp and Paper Times

Kuantum Papers will Streamline Distribution Supply Chain; Achieved Production of 1,27,756 MT in FY 18-19

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Find the news update from Kuantum Papers Limited, Improves Distribution Supply Chain.

Kuantum Papers will Streamline Distribution Supply Chain; Achieved Production of 1,27,756 MT in FY 18-19

Punjab | 30 Oct 2019 | The Pulp and Paper Times: 

The Indian paper and paperboard industry has the potential and the capabilities to service the demand in the domestic and international markets; and also to create huge employment avenues in rural India through agro production and forestry. This will only strengthen if the competitiveness of the value chain is encouraged by the government.

“While Writing &Printing paper does not face any major threat from substitutes, the increased preference for online storage and dissemination of data and information could marginally impact the demand growth. However, despite the higher level of technology being used in the corporate sector, there has been no perceptible decline in the paper demand, Said Mr. Pavan Khaitan, Managing Director of Kuantum Papers Ltd. in company's annual Report.

Mr. Khaitan further said that the company has continued to record a phenomenal performance in its working results. Higher sales realization, improved operational efficiencies, better productivity and product quality, higher volumes of premium quality paper products like copier and surface sized paper, and enriched product mix coupled with better-operating parameters have contributed to the sales as well as profitability,”

“Company has achieved the highest ever production of paper, which was 1,27,756 metric tonnes, as against 1,25,617 metric tonnes in the previous year. The company recorded a net sales turnover (net of GST) and including other income, at Rs. 80,230.95 lacs, up by 13.4%; operating profit at Rs. 16,439.44 lacs, up by 8.8%; Profit before Tax at Rs. 11,088.94 lacs, up by 3.5% compared to the previous year” Report said.


Kuantum Papers will work upon strengthening its supply chain in the coming year. “The envisaged growth in the value-added printing & writing paper segment in India presents an invaluable opportunity and your company plans to leverage it by tapping its institutional strength in its distribution supply chain, cost competitiveness and its premium quality along with it's branding, says the report.

The company has continued to take up projects in focused areas for operational improvement and this has also led to improved operational efficiencies, productivity, reduction in operational costs, and sizeable increase in savings, thereby improving the bottom-line.

The results of cost reduction initiatives and operational efficiencies will continue to be more visible in the current financial year 2019-20 as Kuantum has continued these initiatives to optimize capacity utilization, cost reduction, new products, optimizing production of better margin products by further undertaking modification and up-gradation of the paper machines and other equipments for improving the product quality and operations.

“These initiatives have made Kuantum not only one of the most cost-competitive paper mills but is also placed amongst the large paper player in the writing and printing segment. Furthermore, continuous research & development have enabled the company to manufacture papers of distinctive prime quality and broader product mix, which is competing with the premium quality of other large paper mills” Report says.

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