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Yash Papers Touches Education, Employment and Health under CSR

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Find the CSR news about Education, Employment and Health from Yash Papers Limited.

Yash Papers Touches Education, Employment and Health under CSR 

Ayodhya | 3rd November 2019 | The Pulp and Paper Times: 

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Paper Industry is growing, more paper mills are shaping and giving new dimensions to people's life via CSR. JK Paper, Star Paper, TNPL, Century Pulp and Paper and many other paper mills are spending a huge amount on improving the social living of Standard.

“Our achievements are the joint collaboration of the universe and the community we grow in and it is a matter of real responsibility to be able to contribute towards the betterment of our planet and the people around us. We at Yash have chosen 3 clear areas that we are going to be contributing towards and they are Education, Employment and Sanitation / Health,” Mr. Ved Krishna, Executive Vice Chairman of Yash Papers Ltd described.


“We find that there is a huge lack of quality education overall in the country and in particular in the rural areas. Our children are being exposed to excessive violence, poor nutrition, lack of sanitation and really poor cognitive development. Whatever education exists is not enabling thinking and reasoning by relying on rote learning and tests. We need to work towards change,” Mr. Krishna said.

“Our sister organisation Jingle Bell Nursery Schools Society has built a great school in our campus called Yash Vidya Mandir and we are now working to expand the horizons for the same by establishing a network of village-based feeder schools called 'Krishna Niketan'. The idea is to grow Yash Vidya Mandir to 5000 children and build a 10 school feeder network with 120 children each. The institution is already deeply involved in promoting a creative pedagogical approach and this would bring significant change in the lives of children around us,”

“The roadmap for the same was laid out and the first Krishna Niketan would be established in the ensuing year,” Mr. Ved informed.


“The establishment of Yash Private Industrial Training Institute (YPITI) a few years back and has been successfully running 2 year ITI programmes. As an industry we have also benefitted by getting much better-trained manpower through this intervention, however, we felt that more needs to be done train scale the possibilities for the youth in the area,” Mr. Krishna mentioned in Annual report.

With that in mind Yash Papers have established short term (initially 3 and now 6 months) train-ing programmes in 4 domains initially: Electrician,  Refrigeration, Carpentry and Plumbing as we found that the above skills were in high demand particularly in the urban areas.

“We contributed towards establishment of new labs and providing for the salaries etc. The idea is to eventually make the programme self-sustainable by providing initial support and enabling employment. The quality of training was found to be good and most students were placed with a Jaipur based household service provider,”

“We will now look to upgrade course quality as well as increasing numbers in the coming year,” Mr. Krishna informed.

Sanitation and Health:

Sanitation is a subject close to our hearts as we work towards leaving our planet cleaner but we have so far not been successful at our work towards better garbage management in Ayodhya. We have to look towards finding better partners and effective implementation to create a buy-in amongst citizens and make the programme a success.

In the meanwhile, a plan has been drawn out towards doing more for water management. Our organisation has adopted over 20 ponds in the region and would work towards regenerating these water bodies. The idea is to create permaculture forests around them along with playing and swimming areas for children. The work would begin in the ensuing year.

Health was initially not a part of the plans but a lot of Interest came through the team at Yash and Krishna health clinic was established with a full time MBBS doctor. The clinic is initially providing Primary Health Care. The Idea is again to provide seed capital and then take towards self-sustenance to ensure quality and efficacy.

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