1000 TPD: Strong work ethics make Sukraft Group India's largest Kraft Paper Manufacturer; a new unit of 250 TPD in Goa

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Find news update from Sukraft Group, achieving 1000 TPD kraft paper production.

1000 TPD: Strong work ethics make Sukraft Group India's largest Kraft Paper Manufacturer; a new unit of 250 TPD in Goa

Mumbai | 2 May 2020 | The Pulp and Paper Times: 

The renowned kraft paper manufacturing group, Sukraft is all set to touch 1085 TPD production level by starting its 6th unit in Goa. “We are feeling proud of becoming the largest kraft paper manufacturer in India. Sukraft, since its inception in 1996 has been flying high brandishing strong work ethics, corporate social responsibility and high standard customer service through our dream product 'Kraft paper',” said Mr. Manoj Patel, Director, Sukraft Group.

Sukraft Group has set up a new unit in Goa in the name of Sukraft Recycling Pvt. Ltd, which is expected to start commercial production in September 2020. “We have invested around INR 150 cr. in this project to produce quality test liner, fluting media, and high BF paper. We are also targeting our 50 percent production for export purpose and rest to be sold in local market,” Mr. Manoj informed.

Sukraft Recycling is situated in Honda industrial area at Goa, aiming to produce 50 to 220 GSM paper with 18 to 35 BF. 

“The impact of lockdown will hamper the demand surely but we assume also that the economy of India will back on track as soon as lockdown remove. We hope our investment will yield profit for us as per capita consumption of paper in India is still at a lower level which is expected to increase in the coming years,” Mr. Manoj explained.

Mr. Shankar Patel, Director of Sukraft Group also said that “Keeping in mind the market trends, we will also manufacture lighter GSM paper with high BF used for paper carry bag on the same machine. For this, we have installed completely automatic infrastructure with a combination of European and Indian plant and machinery,”

The new paper mill has roped up Saloni Paper Machines for framing, designing and supplying of the plant and machinery. “Saloni Paper is supplying us full wet-end section, dryers are from Beloit (Germany), Pulp mill is mixed breed of China and Europe, DCS is from Tycon Automation, Drives have been installed by ABB and boilers are sourced from Thermax”,

“Our machinery's designed speed is 600m/min and deckle is 4.2 meter (Finished),” Mr. Shankar said.  The New unit is expected to conduct a trial production in September or October month.

Discussing the expansion plan on other units of Sukraft Group, Mr. Shankar informed that “we planning to manufacturer 225 TPD paper tube on our Swastik Pulp & Paper unit. Currently, it is producing kraft paper. We have totally restructured the plant and machinery in order to get the production of paper tube. We are expected to start production on this unit very soon,”

“We are also working upon on odour free paper in all units in order to get prioritise in export. We have already established Paques's ETP in Sunshine paper unit at Mumbai, and for Nashik and Chennai's units, odour free paper have already been in production,” Mr. Manoj Patel said.

Sukraft is also looking for an international strategic partner for global presence.

“Sukraft Ninjas are armed to deliver customised product and services to surpass customer expectations. For a decade, Sukraft has a reputation of using excellent raw materials and resources in an optimal fashion, measuring quality performance indicators, timely delivery of product and services ensuring that we exceed customer's expectations. We have a huge workforce of diligent and proactive employees who are not only great followers but also great leaders. Our in-house infrastructure work relentlessly to achieve Global quality standard and honour commitment to customers, partners and employees along with a special emphasis on sustainability and responsible stewardship,” Mr. Shankar said.

“We aim at achieving excellence in enterprise management by using our environmental procedures to harness maximum growth,” Mr. Manoj concluded.

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