APPTA: Need of Innovation to achieve better efficiency & productivity with lower costs

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Read news coverage on Technical Webinar held on 05 Sep 2020 which was based on Innovation in Pulp and Paper Industry. The webinar was organised by "Association of Pulp & Paper Technical Alumni" (APPTA)

APPTA: Need of Innovation to achieve better efficiency & productivity with lower costs

“Discipline to illuminate”: APPTA has brought 690+ Pulp & Paper Alumni together as an association

New Delhi | 5th September 2020 |The Pulp and Paper Times:

Innovation is Change, a mindset, a vision. The Indian Pulp & Paper Industry like any other industry needs to constantly adapt, improve and innovate.

To strengthening and sustaining connection between paper institute, alumni and pulp & paper fraternity, 690 plus Pulp & Paper Tech Alumni, Dandeli has formally announced its association name as “APPTA” – Association of Pulp & Paper Technical Alumni”.  

The formation of association was conceptualized in August 2020 to connect all Pulp & Paper Alumni who have been making substantial contributions in the field of manufacturing, sales & marketing, education, R&D etc. The alumni association will focus on strengthening and sustaining connections between our institute, alumni and pulp & paper fraternity, to provide personal & professional growth opportunities for over 690+ alumni.

On 5th Sep 2020, APPTA organized its second virtual Alumni meet with the theme “Innovation in Pulp & Paper Industry”. The technical webinar as usual was held in close association with the Pulp & Paper Technology Alumni. In addition to deliberating on national & international perspective on innovation and sustainable packaging, the panelists and the honourable guests raised the pertinent topics such as circular economy in processing and manufacturing, using by-products from paper making process to enhance performance, energy-saving solutions for paper making, sustainable practices etc.

Speaking at the webinar, APPTA’s first elected president, Mr. Raghavendra Hebbar (Head of Technology & Development-JK Paper Ltd) said that India has performed significantly to make it to the list of top 50 most innovative economies in the Global Innovation Index. He also listed out the R&D expenditure by developed countries and the scope of further improvements in the context of India to ramp-up its position in innovation.

Discussing on the elaborated Barrier coating chemistry, application, Key performance characteristics for different applications such as food & beverages, Mr. SLN Vasudev, GM Sales & Technical – Archroma India Pvt. Ltd. explained that the Barrier coating can be easily carried out with limited modification at different facilities in Colour Kitchen, Coating equipment, Printing press etc. He added that as the Barrier technology will evolve further, the functional performance and cost-effectiveness will increase. He said that the new end-use ideas and application will expand Barrier Coating market globally.  He concluded his presentation with an overview on Cup Stock market and growth potential.

Mr. Santosh Chavan, VP – Jacob Homs, Switzerland, did the ground-breaking announcement and the launch of Alumni Association name and logo. It was a proud moment for all the alumni and the students of Pulp & Paper Technology, Dandeli. From now on, the Pulp & Paper alumni will be formally recognized as APPTA.

The event was hosted by Mr. Nagraj Mesta, Technical Sales Specialist – APP Sinarmas India. He welcomed cordially all the members and teachers who joined the second virtual meeting of Pulp & Paper tech Alumni. As it happened to be Teachers Day also, he expressed gratitude to the Pulp & Paper Tech teachers and lecturers on behalf of all the Alumni.

Dr. R. G. Nayak, a great scholor, a researcher, a teacher and a successful businessman set the tone for the event with pithy outline of the ensuing session with his views on Innovation in Paper Industry. In this era where there is a negative growth evident in paper consumption due to digitization etc., Dr. Nayak outlined to innovate in three areas, To increase the strength of the fibre for making high strength packaging grades of paper & paperboard, To generate biodiesel / biofuel from cellulose, By extracting the core values of Lignin, it can be used as a sustainable, renewable raw material for advance byproducts.

Mr. Hanif  Shaikh, Technical Sales Manager – APP Sinarmas USA & LATAM shared his views on  “Sustainable Packaging Solution” which is need of the hour. Expounding on the topic Mr. Hanif presented the overview of the packaging market globally viz-a-viz India and the growth potential in Food Packaging in India. He also articulated about the trends which are compelling the Brand Owners to explore for sustainable substrate. He spoke about material technology such as Bioplastics, water based coating and anti-fungal paperboards driving the sustainable packaging solution. Concluding his informative presentation, he explained how WBC exhibits excellent thermal stability which provides end-to-end convenience & solution to the consumer.

Mr. T. S. Manoj Kumar, Sr. Manager Purchase–ITC Paperboard & Specialty Paper Division, started the session with the introduction of the Guest of Honour Mr. Sadashiva S Arani, VP –Atul Ltd, Gujrat and Mr. R.G.Nayak, MD – Cashitron Industries & Cashitron Resins Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Nandkumar, President – Elof Hansson India Pvt. Ltd. put forth the legal ambit of the registration of the APPTA which will bring aggrandisement and recognition to the association. Mr. Nandkumar along with Mr. Amit Dholakia has been active throughout drafting the aims and objectives of association, memorandum of association, structural framework, appointing executive committee members and audit & finance to the association.

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