Nath Industries launches Kraft under the brand “Mac D Kraft”, Focus on Export Market

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Find the News about Nath Industries, future plan, and amalgamation.

Nath Industries launches Kraft under the brand “Mac D Kraft”, Focus on Export Market

Aurangabad | 1st October 2020 | The Pulp and Paper Times:

Engaged in manufacturing Various types of papers mainly cultural and specialty grades, Rama Pulp and Paper has now become Nath Industries Limited. After the amalgamation, the name of Rama Pulp and Papers Limited is changed to Nath Industries Limited effective from 15th Nov 2019.

“Increasing “Save Environment” awareness has set “Recycling” as new Mantra for future of Paper Industry. Keeping pace with this trend, Nath Industries has launched a new product Kraft for Paper Bags under the brand “Mac D Kraft”, visualizing the growth in demand of Paper Bags due to global discouragement for the use of plastic bags,

“We are planning to launch more value-added papers for food, packaging replacing the one-time plastic use. Our production is focused for domestic as well as for export markets,” says Mr. Ramniklal Salgia, Director in the company’s annual report for FY 19-20.

Mr. Salgia further stated that the increasing focus on export Markets is now showed results, Company grew its Exports of Absorbent Kraft to manufacturers of High-value Laminates in South East Asia, Middle East & Europe. Demand for high-value laminates is expected to rise at a steady pace. Demand is expected to increase primarily due to rise in the utilization of cabinets and ready-to-assemble furniture and floorings. 

Our M G White and Colour tissue products are well accepted in the global markets. These products are used for decorative Gift wrap to Mega-stores in India and across the world.  


The scheme of amalgamation as envisaged was finally approved by the Honourable National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Mumbai Bench vide its order dated 22nd August, 2019 in which it approved the merger of Nath Industrial Chemicals Limited (NICL) and Nath Pulp and Paper Mills Limited (NPPM) with Rama Pulp and Papers Limited (RPPL). The appointed date of amalgamation is 01st April 2017 and the effective date of amalgamation is 25th October 2019. 

The amalgamation has resulted in several benefits which include synergies, economies of scale, integration, and cost competitiveness. 

Benefits arising out of merger:- 

a. Full integration of Paper Business since NPPM and RPPL were in interlinked business. Products produced by RPPL were used as raw material by NPPM and vice a versa. 

b. Addition of various specialty grade products such as tube grade paper, thermal paper, coated paper helped immensely in expanding the product portfolio of the company. 

c. Backward integration of activities in terms of internal supply of chemicals and steam in the form of raw materials since Chemicals produced by NICL were used by RPPL for manufacturing one of its product 

d. Sharing of technical know-how. 

e. More productive and optimum utilization of various resources by pooling of managerial, technical, financial and administrative resources. 

f. Consolidation has helped in addressing the ever-growing competition. 

g. Reduction in overheads, elimination of unnecessary duplication of work, costs and compliances. 


Rama paper, the various programs like quality improvement, energy-saving and also the modification of the paper machine 1, undertaken by the company were successfully implemented. The energy efficiencies achieved by the unit in reduction of power and steam consumption will benefit in the cost reduction and thereby increase in the bottom line. The modification of the paper machine 1 has resulted in 30% increase in the capacity i.e. from 60 TPD to 80 TPD. With this the unit now has the capacity to manufacture 30000 MT/Annum of various grades of specialty grade / tailor made paper. The company is continuously striving to improve the quality of the products and add value for the customers.



The performance of the unit has been satisfactory despite various economic and industry challenges. During the year, various measures were undertaken to enhance productivity production capacity. Production capacity is increased from 48000 MTPA to 66000 MTPA. With the investment in high efficiency steam condensate system, the unit hopes to achieve substantial savings in energy cost.



Your Company is implementing a project for co-generation by installing a High Pressure boiler of 20 TPH and condenser cum back pressure turbine of 2.50 MW capacity. The project shall make unit self-sufficient in respect of power requirement resulting in substantial savings in energy cost.


The company has planned to increase its present manufacturing capacity of sulphur based chemicals from 280 M.T. per day to 500 M.T. per day i.e. to 165000 TPA. As measure of forward integration, the company has decided to set up a plant for manufacturing of Acid Chlorides with a capacity of 8250 TPA. Apart from adding value, the project shall also minimize handling of liquid. 

The company shall enhance capacity of Thionyl Chloride from 16500 TPA to 33000 TPA.

“Growing manufacturing sector, requirement of better quality packaging of FMCG products marketed through organized retail and the demand for the upstream market of paper products, such as tissue paper, filter paper, tea bags, light weight online coated paper and medical grade coated paper are expected to drive the paper & paper products market in India in coming years,

“The waste & recycled paper segment is expected to dominate the market, owing to growing concerns about the cutting down of trees for producing pulp. Further, based on application, the market has been bifurcated into writing & printing paper, paperboard, packaging, newsprint and specialty paper,” report says.

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