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South Meet: AIWPDA requests its member not to hold waste paper stock

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AIWPDA held its meet in Chennai (India) and discuss waste paper trade-related problems and also work together to find feasible solutions

South Meet: AIWPDA requests its member not to hold waste paper stock

Chennai | 9th April 2021 | The Pulp and Paper Times:

The crisis of waste paper is still prevailing and waste paper dealers of all across India, are requested to not hold the stocks for longer time. In their first meeting for the year 2021, All India Waste Paper Dealers Association (AIWPDA) has asked its member that to minimize the impact of waste paper’s price surge; they are requested to not hold waste paper stocks which would only make the existing situation worse.

The meeting was hosted by the Tamil Nadu Recovered Paper Dealers Association (TNRCPDA) on April 8th 2021 at Hyatt Regency, Chennai. AIWPDA’s President Mr. Naresh Singhal with the president of TNRCPDA Mr. Bharath Pujara opened up a wonderful platform & provided an opportunity for pan India’s recovered paper dealers to discuss common trade-related problems and also work together to find feasible solutions.

“The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen the association by increasing the interaction among the members & find a solution to handle the current volatile market conditions due to pandemic,” Mr. Singhal said to The Pulp and Paper Times

During the inaugural speech of the meet, Mr. Bharath Pujara indicated that the current high prices of waste paper and interrupted demand chain will continue and this situation would ease only after the global logistics situation improves and ill effects of pandemic reduce.

“The current demand and all-time high prices of domestic RCP was due to the poor generation, lack of availability of Imported RCP, global logistics situation, and the export of Kraft Paper/RCP Pulp,” Mr. Pujara said.

AIWPDA honoured their All India Veteran members who are active in their business for over 40 years with a shawl. A Life Time Achievement Award was given to Late Sri Sanatkumar B. Sundrani of SBS Paper Recycling Pvt. Ltd., Chennai to Mr. Linesh S. Sundranifor serving the RCP industry for over 64 years

In the south meet, AIWPDA also raises the voice for a uniform grading system for RCP to be formalised and various grades of RCP to be categorized with product code and specifications. “We urge to Government to recognize the contribution of the RCP organizations and consider waste paper collection as part of ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan’ and give necessary concessions for the trade,” Mr. Singhal demanded. 

The open forum was organized with expert panel & moderators selected from different parts of India which included Shri Naresh Singhal, Shri Bharat Pujara, Shri Kishan Singh, Shri Pankaj Vidhani, Shri Deepak, Shri SanjeevKullar, Shri Jayesh Karia, Shri Nitin Goel & Shri Rajesh Sundrani. The panel answered questions that had previously been collected from members.

“Overwhelming response from the participants with so much enthusiasm, overcoming the fear of Corona and all negative thoughts of night curfew declared just one day prior to the meeting could not stop the participants to join the meeting in such a challenging time,” Mr. Pujara informed on the sideline of the function. 

Out of the 800 members of AIWPDA, about 206 members registered for the meeting from which 155 attended the meeting. A directory of the registered waste paper dealers was launched for the first time ever with all relevant information about the members and their organisation.

The meeting started 6 pm with a traditional Tamil Invocation & Prayer song and lamp lighting by the dignitaries and Veteran members of the association. A Welcome address speech was given by Shri Balakrishnan (Secretary TNRCPDA), Shri Balasundaram (Treasurer TNRCPDA), Shri S. Ravi (Program Convenor), Shri Bharath Pujara (President TNRCPDA), and Shri Naresh Singhal (President of AIWPDA).

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