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NIOX Paper mill to set up PM-II for Tissue & MG Poster production by year-end

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NIOX paper mills' expansion plan

NIOX Paper mill to set up PM-II for Tissue & MG Poster production by year-end

Capacity enhancement on PM-1

Ahmedabad | 23 Nov 2020 | The Pulp and Paper Times:

Tissue paper is the most common and versatile product that is used across several industries. Among the regions, Asia-pacific is anticipated to remain at the forefront and register the highest global tissue paper market revenue. The emergence of COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill. This health crisis has brought an unprecedented impact on businesses across industries. It is predicted that the Tissue segment may grow by 15% in the next two years.

“COVID has also led to enormously changed behavior patterns for the world’s population, panic buying and stocking up on toilet paper began occurring shortly after the world realized that coronavirus was not simply going to stay inside the borders of China. Many factories add new toilet paper production line, because of the increased demand, also because it is a necessary thing in our life,” Said Mr. Nikhil Patel, Managing Director at Niox Specialty Paper Mills.

“Tissue Paper and MG poster paper segments are the lucrative segments, and yet unsaturated because of a growing population and hygiene habit. We have decided to commercially operate PM-II for Tissue paper production in the existing premises by 2021’s end.  It was our ‘seed’ idea when we started our paper mill in 2016, to step in tissue manufacturing with good capacity,” Mr. Patel informed.

Niox Paper Mills is planning to commence 40 TPD Tissue and MG Poster paper production in November 2021. “We have already bought a second-hand tissue production machine of Voith, and civil construction for accommodating the machine has also been completed,” Mr. Patel added.

NIOX Speciality Paper Mills, founded in 2015, is a newly established paper mill in the state of Gujarat, through the guidance and leadership of founder Mr. Arvind Patel. The Paper Mill acquires the installed capacity of 36,000 TPA through it’s Specialty Paper manufacturing unit with abundant land for further expansion targeting 10,000 TPA of Tissue Paper manufacturing.


“We are aiming to manufacture soft Tissue in the range of 12 to 20 GSM, and we will use raw material according to market condition. Our deckle of the machine is 2.5 meter,” Mr. Patel further disclosed.

NIOX is anticipated to invest around INR 20 to 30 crores into PM-II. 

NIOX’s motto is to offer quality products and to fulfill this motto the plant is equipped with branded manufacturers along with the company’s own paper machine. The entire infrastructure is ably supported by the experienced management team of NIOX and the technical expertise of engineers from VOITH PAPER (Germany).

Mr. Patel also informs about the expansion plan on paper machine one (PM-1). “We are increasing 50 TPD more capacities on PM-1 after Diwali of 2020. Currently, we are operating at 60 TPD, and after analyzing the markets, the company decided to venture into the capacity enhancement programme, to ensure supply of specialty paper based on clients’ requirements which incorporate variations like color manila board, black bristol board, bleached and unbleached kraft and absorbent kraft. The grammage ranges from 80 gsm to 180 gsm.”

 “We will add dryers on PM-1 for capacity increase and other critical components for modification,” Mr. Nikhil says.

NIOX is also planning to produce MG poster paper which is specially used for printing jobs, lamination, wrapping and packaging. It has a consistent profile and an excellent glaze makes it best for these demanding applications. In addition, we offer these products in different sizes to meet the diverse requirements of our clients.

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