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Roltas Paper Mill : A new quality paper manufacturer in the packaging segment

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A New Paper Mills started in Morbi


Roltas Paper Mill: A new quality paper manufacturer in the packaging segment 

Morbi | 22 January 2021 | The Pulp and Paper Times:

The corrugated packaging market is growing quickly, helped by the explosion of e-commerce and developments in digital printing technologies. The growing demand of the high quality and safe packaging, increasing applications from electronics, logistics and packaging industry, rising usages of the corrugated boxes as it can be recycled and reused, increasing acceptance of online payments and favourable demographics are some of the factors which will likely to enhance the growth of the corrugated paper.

“The rising focus on sustainable packaging and product recycling is a major trend being observed in the corrugated boxes market. The disposal of corrugated boxes was leading to increased accumulation of waste in landfills, thereby causing harm to the environment. Now, however, manufacturers are utilizing innovative technologies for compaction and shredding, which aid in recycling of corrugated boxes. The fiber produced during the recycling of corrugated materials can be used for producing new corrugated boards, thereby leading to reduction in waste generation,” said Mr. Virat Moradiya, Director at newly started paper mill Roltas Paper llp.

Situated at Morbi, Gujarat, Roltas Paper is producing 100 TPD paper under 80 to 150 GSM range. BF is between 12 to 16.

“Our entire plant and machinery is supplied by DS Engineers, DS Engineers helped us in customizing the plant and machinery according to our need of paper quality. We have also installed all the critical components which are useful in automated the paper mill for reducing man power,” he said.

The new plant has 3.37 meters finished deckle size manufacturing paper on a single wire machine. Roltas Paper has procured the entire pulp mill section from Parason Machinery.

Roltas Paper is currently selling its finished paper in domestic paper market. “The future of Kraft paper is bright. Retails and E-commerce sector will create new demand which to be fulfilled by the new capacity. We are hopeful that our investment would bring profit. Our quality of paper has been widely accepted by the traders and corrugators in the market.” Mr. Virat said.

 As per a study, Kraft paper is involved with numerous other industries, Kraft paper market is successful in generating an apt outcome which is interrelated to its consumption. Kraft papers are also used for usage in food packaging in the packaging industry. As per different surveys, it was found that the packaging applications are more in relation to the utilization of Kraft papers. It is forecasted to see a growth of 2.8 percent in the consumption of Kraft paper, annually.     

Kraft paper, produced from chemical pulp, is used vastly in the packaging industry especially in the western countries and North America. Countries like India, China, and Brazil are further expanding its usage and so the business is further expected to rise in the coming future. The elastic Kraft papers are found in many types in the market, for instance, extensible, semi extensible, natural, and coated Kraft paper. India alone accounts for 3 percent of the total annual paper demand, globally. Kraft papers are considered as a best form of wrapping paper due to its strength, elasticity, low price, quality from carrier perspective, durability, etc.

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