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5th Paper Day: ‘Paper’ means original, employment, environment, forest, forex and pocket money, use it BINDAAS!

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Celebration of 5th National Paper Day on 1st August, Paper touches every life

5th Paper Day: ‘Paper’ means original, employment, environment, forest, forex and pocket money, use it BINDAAS!

New Delhi |  31st July 2021 | The Pulp and Paper Times: 

Paper is a ‘deaf and dumb’ object but it can evoke a revolution by writing on it, it can become a masterpiece of art by painting on it. Education is a great ‘help’ and Paper is the medium to receive this help.  Paper can be used for commercial, industrial, creative, official, auspicious, educational, constitutional, monetary, and secret purposes. Paper has a large scope in consumption; Paper is a limitless ocean wherein a writer, poet, teacher, student, politician, and businessman navigate their boat of thoughts.

Paper has become a known ‘thing’ in the corner of our subconscious mind, just because of its non-hazardous nature. Paper gives employment, environment, forest, Forex and pocket money. Paper records your dream, goal and future; Paper packs your everyday needs.  

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On the occasion of 5th National Paper Day on 1st of August, The Pulp and Paper Times is celebrating the ‘consciousness of paper in daily life' with different associations of the paper industry. We receive following message for Paper Day:

Mr. AS Mehta, President, Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA) on the occasion of Paper Day:

Paper Day espouses the zeal and determination of stakeholders to set the record straight on paper usage. For long, there has been a concerted campaign aimed at vilifying paper as a leading cause behind denuding of forests, cutting of trees and harming the environment. Save paper, save environment has been a catchy phrase circulated so exhaustively that it has come to be treated as the gospel truth, unfortunately.

Paper Day provides us yet another opportunity to provide a befitting reply to the nefarious agenda by reaching out the message of environment-friendliness of paper to as far as possible.

It is heartening to note that perceptions are steadily but surely changing. Especially in the packaging segment (that has seen a multi-fold growth with the advent of e-commerce), paper usage is being preferred over other alternatives. On its part, the Paper Industry too is innovating and going up the technological and sustainability curves.

Paper is an integral part of the daily lives of people. Paper is one of the most environmentally sustainable products as it is biodegradable, recyclable and is produced from sources which are renewable and sustainable.

On the occasion of Paper Day 2021, IPMA extends its heartiest wishes to all. Use Paper; Save the Environment!

Mr. Chandradev Chaudhary- President, Federation of Paper Traders Associations of India (FPTA):

Paper as a commodity has witnessed many a technology change, rather -platform shift", and yet has been able to whither the storm successfully. Over the centuries paper has been innovatively transformed to keep pace with the changing times. There are very few natural commodities which have continued to exist more or less in their original form as long as paper.

What served the information and knowledge needs of the yesteryears may not be enough to prepare for the world of tomorrow. But it also does not mean that paper as a medium of transmission of information and knowledge has lost its relevance. Paper still continues to play its role.

Paper has many different uses and can be changed into things that are completely different to its original making. Paper's characteristics are shaped by the way it has been made, which allows a completely unique personality to emerge. That personality helps it to have a human connect in different ways.

Packaging performs an essential function by protecting goods from damage, from the point of manufacture through to the final consumer. It prevents wastage of goods and energy. Packaging meets stringent safety, technical and hygienic requirements.

The paper and board packaging industry have always responded to the needs and demands of its customers (goods manufacturers, packers and fillers) when providing packaging, as well as taking account of the needs of the whole supply chain.


ln recent years there has been a movement against the paper sector. There have been several advocacy groups propagating and circulating incorrect statements, and m1'ths about paper. This greenwashing led to a climate of misunderstanding even in the minds of children who are taught that trees are cut to make paper and hence use of paper is bad. Large corporate houses in the name of saving trees by reducing use of paper are increasing digital usage and thereby increasing the footprints of carbon emission and also passing on their cost to the consumer.

Mr. Raghavendra Hebbar- President, Association of Pulp & Paper Alumni, Dandeli (APPTA):

Like Sugarcane & Wheat, trees used for Papermaking are also cultivated in a sustainable farm forestry model. In fact, scientifically developed clones give better income to farmers compared to some cash crops. Never have a guilt in using paper, in fact you are contributing to green cover of the country when you use paper.

Paper is the best alternative to single-use plastic in many applications. Paper is non-toxic, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Millions of aquatic creatures would be thanking you when you pick up a paper cup, straw or bag.

Paper still remains the best medium of education and communication till date. Everlasting impressions, Emotions & most beautiful sketches can be created only on Paper.

Paper is Power, Paper is Future. Switch to Paper without any Fear.

Mr. Naresh Singhal- President, All India Waste Paper Dealers Association (AIWPDA):

“The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world.” — Malcolm Gladwell. 

Paper is an integral part of our life. We cannot imagine life without paper. From newspapers to books to packaging our life revolves around paper. With its historic origin in China, Paper manufacturing and end usage has evolved to become one of the most sustainable products used throughout the world. 

Paper is commercially produced by processing cellulose fibers derived majorly from – Wood, Agriculture waste and Recovered Paper. 

Being a sustainable and recyclable product, paper usage is reaching new benchmarks every day. Majority of paper grades in India are produced using Recovered Paper with highest recovery rates in the packing segment. Processing of Recovered Paper is economical and environment friendly compared to making paper from wood pulp. 

On this 5th Paper Day, AIWPDA takes opportunity to recognize all its members (collectors/dealers/aggregators) hard work who have responsibly fulfilled the requirements of the paper recycling industry. Happy PAPER DAY!

Mr. Sunil Agarwal- President, Gujarat Paper Mills Association (GPMA):

The most Patriotic thing you can do is take care of the environment and try to live sustainably. Recycling is the easiest way to conserve our natural resources and protect the beautiful places which we cherish. It creates jobs from the supply chain guys to all the way down to ragpickers. We (GPMA) Paper recyclers in India are proud to be one of the essential sustainability partners to our great country.

This year FPTA has decided to have a Webinar with Mr. A.S.Mehta, Mr.Sanjay Singh & Mr. P.N.Sridharr as guest speakers.

Free Vaccination drive will be carried out by our local associations for its members & staff. Radio programs will be held to promote usage of paper & educate the general public about paper. Drawing competitions would be held at various associations. From the time ‘Paper day” has been announced it has been celebrated like a Festival within the Paper industry.

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